tourists trouble in spain, but not here.

11 Aug

london 4.35pm 21.9C cloudy bright friday 2017

9.15pm 19.2C dry night. well, its been a pleasant day today here in london for me.

and all these stories i read about tourists getting it in the neck by the anti tourist gangs in spain. haha. the locals or so we are led to believe are revolting against the huge influx of tourists, but i think it is political…  it all started in the barcelona area and we all know that part of spain have always wanted to secede from spain, and now they are being very aggressive in their attack on tourists and the touristy trade that caters to them. it is a way of drawing attention to themselves.  the central govt have categorically told them no… and so  to hit back at the central govt who refused to allow them to leave and gain independance from spain they are starting this strategy.  many of them are now branching off to the southern areas of spain and even the islands and start their agitating disruptions there.

i suppose they have some sympathy from the locals living there esp those who dont benefit at all from the influx of tourists. those who dont work for the tourist trade, or own restaurants or hotels, or rent out their flats via airbnb. but left to themselves these people wont be so upset as to get aggressive about it.  they realise that the whole economy benefits from the tourist trade.

but maybe the brits should just go elsewhere. come on, when u get it so crowded that even the locals are asking you to go elsewhere, just heed them and go elsewhere.

you can tell even though the £ is weaker and so it costs lots more to go there, we still go there. some people got more money than they know what to do with. or else, the increased costs is not that much to deter them. they can still afford it.  that is why i dont have much sympathy with people who say it costs more , let it cost more, high time these tourists pay through the nose for their holiday abroad. they are giving money to those foreign countries at the expense of their own country. now i come to think of it, the spaniards must have raised their hotel charges and other charges and still the tourists come… just goes to show u can charge very high, it does not deter the tourists… they are immune to high prices.

and what is this about their liquor prices. even though they charge high, it still remains cheaper than what people pay here in uk. just goes to show how much the british govt tax the alcoholic drinks here in uk. and cheap booze means a lot of bad behaviour due to drunkeness. a combination of cheap booze and sunshine means those places will always remain popular. perhaps that explains why those boozy tourists dont want to go elsewhere in the world. where else in the world is so easy about nudity and sexual behaviour than in spain… right?  one sure way of killing this golden goose is for the govt to put a huge tax on the booze. make it as expensive as in uk, that would kill it at once. haha. so that is what they should do if they are really serious about limiting the numbers.

but no one really wants that do they? tourists are like the wildebeest, they are the walking prey for everyone around. haha.

anyway here i am in london miles from all the tourist shit in europe, so enjoying life here. it may sound mundane taking the bus, going to the library, going to the supermarket haha. but it is quite enjoyable. i dont know why there are people who hate supermarket shopping for food. but they seem to have convinced themselves that it is a chore.

oh, yes, there is also the news about the eggs contamination by some thing or other originating from the netherlands. (and they are blaming each other for it amongst the european companies) and it is eggs from europe. haha. another knife into europe and their reputation for being very good about sticking to regulations . they have been caught spreading this all over the place and many of it has come into uk. ha. so i noticed the sandwich shelves in the supermarket are reduced , and that explains why. it is not the eggs as such, that is ok, so fresh eggs (they are british)are left alone; it is all the sandwiches made with eggs , and plenty got mayonnaise in them, hence they have to clear the shelves . 

added. 12.8.17 saturday. looks like the egg scandal is going to spread to desserts, cakes as well. 




2 Responses to “tourists trouble in spain, but not here.”

  1. Sarah M Saturday August 12, 2017 at 8:16 am #

    Yes you are right that it is the Catalan separatists generating all this publicity. A lot of Spanish are disgruntled with it though and you certainly see their point if you go down to the Costas and these little North European enclaves where people have settled, rarely using local services and pushing property prices up for local people (although no different from London really where outside investors puts up the price for local people).

    Putting up prices on booze would harm the locals as well; it’s a stereotype that Brits go to Spain just to have a monumental piss-up; the Spanish are big alcohol consumers too.

    AND it is not that people are so rich that they can afford all these holidays. Even with the low pound it is still cheaper to go abroad than to stay in UK, particularly hotel/apartment costs. Holiday spots like Cornwall and Lake District for example are really expensive. Plus if you go to the West Country they’re always moaning about how rich London tourists are ruining their wonderful county. Why don’t we punish them as well? Nobody goes to Cornwall anymore and they can all go back and live on tin mining.

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday August 12, 2017 at 8:54 am #

    you have highlighted an aspect of the staycation. those who vacation in uk will find it is not cheaper than europe. and no guarantee of sunshine either.
    i wonder how europe can still keep it cheaper. what are they doing or not doing to make them able to do it and still make a profit. is it economy of scale. there are so many go there the sheer numbers assures profit can be made. that is why the budget airlines can offer such low fares, and sheer competition amongst the businesses, both the eating places as well as accommodation within the area ensure prices are kept low. and that in turn attracts more people to go there, plus the sunshine of course. some might consider u have not really gone on holiday unless u have got a nice sunburn to show for it. haha. the very busy ness of it all, full of people can be an added attraction… those masses of people can create a buzz that makes the place zing. we all know how drear a place can be out of season, with nobody around.

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