i think i shall use tomato puree to make tomato ketchup.

12 Aug

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i dont use tomato ketchup , as they are so dilute and watery that they really taste of nothing but suger. its the colour that i like about it, the red colour brightens the food and makes a sweet and sour sauce looks nice. but that is really all that is good about it. i read this today that heinz sales of their ketchup is decreasing. people either go for spicy sauces, or buying the own brand ketchup.

it is no wonder really because heinz are really very expensive and somehow its owner, a big conglomerate, has destroyed the old recipe and it is not as thick and rich as before.

 ( i sometimes wonder if the original owners keep back some secrets of the sauce, when they sell the company to these conglomerates so they dont really get the real sauce. that is why the sauce changes and not always due to the meddling of the recipe by the new owners.)

people do notice these things. it does take time though for the public to notice, but once  the rot starts, it goes down fast. i think people have finally got wise to it. not to mention we all hate that they keep reducing the size of the bottle whilst charging the same.

reading this article about it, makes me realise the ketchup nowadays have been very watery ,not only heinz but the own brand ones too; so much so that it can fall out of the bottle very easily unlike the olden days when u have to shake and tap the bottom to get it out. maybe the manufacturers thought that it is a good thing, easy to get out, but to us the public, it seems like they have reduced the tomato content so much that it is like water now.

the ingredients list tomato puree, as the first ingredient. so we dont really know what is the percentage of tomatoes is in it. would it be better to buy the tomato puree itself and make your own ketchup? i think i shall do that from now on. lidls sells tomato puree, 200mg for 23p. but that might be old price, i have not checked in the store. if it is that price i shall get it,  elsewhere they are  about 37p. compare that with the ketchup price of about 44p for 500mg,though most of it is water.

unfortunately, we here in uk dont really benefit from the glut of tomatoes like they do in europe. i read with envy blogs that talk of it, the abundance of tomatoes at this time of year so much that they can afford to waste it in festivals where they throw tomatoes at all and sundry. what a waste! 

added. 15.8.17 to be fair to heinz, i was at the waitrose in marylebone high st, and had alook at their label, and see that it has


Tomatoes (148g per 100g Tomato Ketchup), Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Spice and Herb Extracts (contain Celery), Spice

i have often wondered what it means. you often get this label in products containing tomatoes. how do u put 148g of tomatoes inside 100gm of ketchup? its been years since i tasted the heinz ketchup. perhaps to be fair to them i should try it just to see if it has gotten worse. i wonder if it does taste better than the ordinary ketchup, seeing it is made of tomatoes presumably concentrated,  and not puree in the cheaper own brands. i tried to find out what is in puree, but apart from them saying its consistency is thicker, they never mention how much tomatoes is in it. but maybe puree is pure tomatoes, and so no need to list its ingredients. heinz puree.

2 Responses to “i think i shall use tomato puree to make tomato ketchup.”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday August 12, 2017 at 12:14 pm #

    Strangely our maggi ketchup goes for $1.30 and generic brands cost $1.10 to $1.20. Heinz not far off at $1.45. But yes tomato puree healthier as lesser sugar.

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday August 12, 2017 at 2:38 pm #

    how come maggi ketchup costs almost the same as heinz, maggi is local, or produced in malaysia, and should be less expensive. i know maggi do chilli sauce, but i did not know they do ketchup too. here in chinatown they dont sell the maggi ketchup but got the chilli sauce. people here like the sriracha chili sauce. supposedly much spicier/hotter. maggi chilli sauce is sweeter i think.

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