18 Aug

london virgin lounge haymarket 2.27pm 19C rain friday 2017

i asked when i arrived at the lounge, if i can bring a guest and yes, if they come with me. so as i have told ian to meet here on tuesday, i ask him that we arrange to meet outside the lounge and i can bring him in with me. originally i had thought to go to the lounge and wait for him inside. but this change is easy to accommodate, as i can go to chinatown if i am early, or we just come here at the time of our meetup. it would be a chance for him to see what is inside the lounge and for us to have a quiet place to chat. its a very pleasant place to meet. 

earlier on i was in chinatown, to buy more of that instant noodle soup for 10p each. i have run out and at that price, it is a sin not to buy any more. haha. 



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