2 Sep

london 5.50pm 21.7C sunny saturday 2017

it might be a spider chrysanthemum.

this one is the last survivor of the big blooms around here. its lovely while it lasts. but of course the year progresses and things change. it makes it more precious to see these blooms and also makes you not want to hold on to things to remain the same… it makes u accept that changes are happening and it is a good thing.

we humans like to hold on to things, that is why we spend so much money trying to preserve old buildings.  like knole castle, i saw a tv program about it yesterday, how the national trust is spending £20million restoring it. so much money spent on one building. and yet, no money for so many poor people living and dying. people are not worth spending money on. it seems.  

people are not so picturesque, nor do they last for other generations to enjoy, nor do people can be worth a lot of money as they grow old, like paintings. haha.

and yet there are so many charities for animals so animals have people helping them.  like today there is a big disruption to traffic in central london from a demonstration by animal welfare people. dont really know what they are objecting to, but animals get sympathy . i googled them and found out it is vegans fighting for animals not being made into food. or something like that, i must say i did not bother to read it all. 

 people are too many, so it is impossible to give everyone a good life. and it is hard to give sympathy to everyone’s lot in life. not to mention plenty of humans are awful people too. murderous people who kill others. so not easy to like them. though we accept animals killing each other and ourselves, yet we dont like it when we see a murderous human being. funny that, dont you think? nevermind murderous human beings, we cannot bring ourselves to love someone who is just rude even. 

perhaps the flowers have got it right, just survive solely to get pollinated and produce seeds and allow the next generation to propagate and then die.every living thing in nature does that, only mankind is different. we are truly unique.

we can enjoy.  and just now i enjoy eating this beef bolognese like sauce that i cooked. so delicious, even though it is nothing extraordinary. it does not need to be, to taste great. i think it is so nice to be able to enjoy it , simply for what it is… it is these simple joys that makes my life very nice indeed.


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