no drama.

5 Sep

10.17am london slight drizzle 17.9C tuesday 2017

i was surprised to read that the rough guide readers have voted scotland as the most beautiful country in the world. i would have thought usa is the most beautiful country in the world, because of its wide spread sprawl over the latitudes , from near the equator to the 49th parallel. within it u can find almost everything (except rain forests !!)  that makes the earth beautiful all in one country.

russia is also vast, but it is way up north, so too bleak. it seems canada was number one before. but i cannot say why. it is bleak. in fact, to hold a popularity contest like the most beautiful country in the world every year is a misnomer. why should one country be the most beautiful one year and the next it is not? a bit silly really. perhaps they should rename it the most enjoyable for that year.

ah well, now is the silly season anyway, because there is not much news around. even my life is rather uneventful, and that is really saying something, because most of the time it is rather uneventful anyway. haha. i like it , as i dont like drama in my life.

though yesterday , i got some drama. my induction hob exploded, or rather made a loud noise and died. i left it on 5 while boiling spaghetti, and it overflowed the pot and flooded the hob. i did not realise it at the time because my central fuse tripped and switched off the electric supply that serves the cooker. so my flat lights etc were still working…and it puzzled me when the whole hob was off when i went to look at it…

i should have left it alone to dry out when i realised the fuse was off… but foolishly i switched on the fuse again, and turned on the hob, and that cause it to short circuit with a bang. now i dare not switch it on for fear it will short circuit the whole flat. so i shall retire it to the recycling bin, and with a note to warn anyone who might be tempted to use it not to do so. it is rather unsettling to not have an induction hob to use, but i figured i should consider myself fortunate that it did not set fire to the whole flat.  

it is lucky i got a central fuse box installed. i have to thank a friend who is a good electrician who installed it without asking me, when i bought the flat so long ago.. as he said it is absolutely necessary and many times it has proven its worth. so that is a bit of drama in my life, one that i would rather  do without frankly. it is silly me to leave the pot unattended while putting it on full blast at number 5 setting to cook sphagetti. it is a fact that we all know that if u cover the pot with a lid, and cook sphagetti, it always boil over.

ah well, i shall see if i want to buy another one. john lewis sells one at £45 , and i shall buy from them this time, if i do decide to get a replacement, instead of at argos, because they have a 2 yr guarantee, which if i had bought from them last time, would still be valid, as this one just is 5 months over its 1 yr guarantee. i could have got it replaced without charge if i had bought it at john lewis … i hope that will be all the drama i get. now you know why i dont like events in my life. they invariably mean disruption to my life. i have lived long enough not to want these kind of excitement in my life.

yesterday i went to morrisons, to buy a £10 for 10kg laila basmati rice. i am running low of my basmati rice hoard. haha. and need to top up. so this is a chance to get them cheaper. i hear eating rice is bad for you, but i shall not listen to them. haha.

if you live long enough  someone will come up with a paper that says they are wrong all this time and rice is good for you after all. they have been doing about turns all the time. the chinese have been eating rice for generations, and it has not done us any harm. 

added. 9.10pm 18.7C night. i went to the tesco near me, for last minute bargains it is best to go around 8pm and all the bargain shelves were empty;. haha i thought well i have missed the boat then… but nevermind…  and saw on the rice shelves,  10kg of basmati kohinoor, for £10. it is a particularly nice brand that i have eaten before, in fact i am eating it now, a 10kg batch that i bought 6 months ago when it was selling cheaper than this, £9.

so i like this brand. it is not advertised this price , and i have seen the other supermarkets occasionally selling a few of it for £10 without any fanfare. i bought it because it seems not too heavy to carry back if i use the bus. usually i bring along my shopping trolley if i plan to buy rice. 

its like depanding on pot luck if u happen to be there when it is put out for sale. there are only 3 bags remaining  in this tesco;  and i might buy another one if there are any still there when i next go.

i also got fresh salmon for £2, the shop assistant was pushing  a trolley and i saw it on the trolley and he asked me if there is anything i fancy, so i indicated the salmon and asked him how much it is, (thinking if it is too much i wont bother to buy it). instead of just putting a reduced price marker on it, which they normally do, he said he had to go to the shelf to see , couldn’t catch what he said… but anyway he trundled off, and i just ambled along after him, and saw him by the salmon shelves and saw that pack was selling for £8 normally, and none of them seem to be expiring today. so i was rather surprised when i turned round and he was there holding out the salmon pack and it has a £1.98 sticker on it. well i said i will take it. i know that a quarter of the normal price is the very last price they will go down to.

it was a large piece of salmon, when i got back i ate half of it, as a sashimi, using a wasabi from a tube which i mix with soya sauce. it was delicious. i like sashimi. the rest i skinned, and fried the skin, and the meat i cut up into pieces which just today i saw james oliver in his quick dishes on tv do a fish cake with salmon and with herbs and ginger, and i happen to have got coriander and dill fresh herbs being sold off cheap in the tesco too.

well, it is nice to eat these things, not too often that i get bored with it, but on rare enough occasions that i can  fully enjoy it.

 if u eat something, even if it is a luxury, all the time, it can get a bit boring, but eat it on rare occasions and it can be just heavenly.

when i got back, simon tells me our youtube box which allows us to connect to the internet and see catchup tv has kaput. what a coincidence, isn’t it? electrical stuff are strange , there dont seem to be any reason why they should suddenly go kaput. anyway, we can still use the tv fortunately to see currant programs. it is only the catch up tv that we cannot see. it came with the paid monthly subscription that i joined up when i first was given the box… so now that i am no more on it, maybe the company have shut it off by remote… who knows really. 

added. 9.44pm how interesting, it seems he was using the wrong plug… there were a number of them in my multiplug extension. so it works ok. so that’s nice . looks like his soul wants some drama, but my soul will have none of it. 

added. 8.54pm wed 6.9.17, 15.1C night. i got back from the tesco, went again to buy their basic instant coffee 79p, but also to see if there are any more of that basmati rice koh i noor brand selling for £10, but it is all gone. and simon told me we actually have a spare induction hob lying around. his mum gave it to him, and he brought it back when i last had a mishap with the induction hob and thought it had kaput. it was a similar accident, flooded with water from overspill, except i left it alone and it dried out and started to work ok again.

so the drama with the hob has gone full circle, a lot of to-do and bother, and back to square one, with us ending up with a working induction hob and as if all that drama came and gone and much ado about nothing… just as well neither of us are into making a fuss about it, it could very easily end up with us shouting at each other and accusing each other of being careless and wrecking things just to cause inconvenience, etc,etc… haha, but simon and i are very laid back about these things. if it happens it happens, we might do without it or buy another one, it is no big deal.

as it is we are back to square one. though now that i have been using the conventional oven with top hob, i find it is quite pleasant to use.

 the induction hob is fast, but i dont think it saves a lot of electricity… i thought it would ,and that is the main reason why i changed to it… but my electricity bill hadn’t really changed much now we had been using it for a year. 






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