simple pleasures

9 Sep

london 8.56pm 15.5C dry night saturday 2017

i just got back from the tesco, went there to see if i can garner some bargain foods, but there was only  on sale lots of packs of vine tomatoes that are expired today but past their best, i could feel they were quite soft,  and when i opened them at home, i saw some were squishy. so i was glad i  bought 2 packs only. haha. they are only 15p per pack (of 8 small tomatoes usually £1. it is very overpriced at £1 really esp when it is only 230mg) anyway… they are excellent for making a tomato sauce.

but the highlight of this trip there was finding a bag of £10,10kg kohinoor basmati rice hidden deep in the recess of the shelf and had been missed by other bargain hunters. so i bought that. it must have been there all the time. you could say it was meant to be for me. haha. ah well, the little joys of life. haha. 

and the joys of life continues even to this simple thing … i fancied eating a fried egg, so i just cook one and have it with a slice of toast, with peanut butter and strawberry jam. a fried egg is so delicious. who couldhave thought a simple thing like that can be so nice.


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