where is paradise?

13 Sep

london 1.45pm 18.9C sunny wednesday 2017

5.37pm 17C sunny

i cannot help comparing what a peaceful country the uk is , with no extremes of weather, or any nasties like earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

what we have is storms, like the one yesterday, or so it seems. i would never have known of it, if i had not read it in the papers this morning. a 85mph storm eileen, the first one of the storms this year that is big enough to have its own name. and it takes september before any one such even appears. i mean what happened in january , february, months that are winter months and presumably associated with storms;?

 to the usa, this storm is a category 1. haha. a small fry when u consider they have just endured two category 5 storms so far. the usa can easily finance and deal with the costs of these storms. so it puzzles me when i see calls to donate to it… what they should be asking for donations is to the poor people caught up in the caribbean islands. and i dont mean the odd billionaires like branson who suffer from it. those ordinary folks in those islands are the real losers in all this. these islands are supposed to be paradise… but i think if u have not realised it by now, you are still very naive… that there is no such place as paradise. there is always a serpent in it. in this case, it is the hurricanes.

all those people who are in the uk, professing to be sick of the uk, and going abroad in search of paradise… little did they know that paradise is the uk, right in front of their noses and they never realise it. it takes being in the middle of a hurricane in their paradise island, to make them realise east west,  home’s best … 

i have just come back from my circuit training with our original trainer. the last 2 wks we have substitute trainers, which are a bit hit or miss, so it is nice to get him back again. he went to oregon for his two weeks holiday… intending to walk the trails, but it was hit by forest fires when he was there. he said he was deciding on florida as another alternate destination… and said it seems he missed the floods but got caught by the fire… haha. 

2 Responses to “where is paradise?”

  1. MELewis Thursday September 14, 2017 at 8:54 am #

    You make a good point about people seeking paradise elsewhere. Sometimes it’s right in your own backyard. We are getting a pretty wild storm here at the moment near the Alps. Maybe the leftovers of what you got yesterday.

    • alifesgayventure Thursday September 14, 2017 at 9:27 am #

      i wondered if in the old days people enjoy a storm, unlike nowadays where if it is ever mentioned, it is always accompanied by fear, and warnings of all the bad things that will happen. you would think that with our modern methods of building, our houses would be better able to withstand these hurricanes and should make people feel more secure. what i suspect is that old houses have hurricane safeguards, like a solid place people can retreat to when a hurricane threatens , it will survive intact whilst the rest of the house maybe destroyed. then after the hurricane has gone, people just come out and rebuild and it is taken as the normal way of life in these hurricane areas. but all that is forgotten or removed, to build more modern houses that are perhaps more aesthetic but useless in a hurricane. and in the old days they build on high ground, using only the beach huts as temporary structures. but nowadays with the love of seaside living, the shores are crowded with permanent housing.

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