why do people travel?

24 Sep

london 9.28am 16.7C sunny sunday 2017

i was reading a post by someone , an american male who has gone to france to live with his partner, and he mentioned that he can get travel on  the train for only 1 euro. that sounds great, i thought. and i imagined myself living there and taking the train to the seaside on a day trip and making it part of the living there. sounds wonderful. than i began to look at what we got here in uk, and checked megabus, as they have a £1 fare to bournemouth by train. it is the only £1 train fare in the whole of uk i think. or was, because i see when i checked it now that it has gone. they still have £1 fares on their buses, on very selected routes and times.

so that era is gone, £1 train fares; where it was so cheap to go travelling. to bournemouth…but in that part of france where the two american guys live, (the south centred around beziers) it is still in operation. they use it to go visit restaurants and take the wine of the various places they visit as well as do a bit of sightseeing. they are not into the beach life, as they have not been doing that at all. or they dont mention it, so it cannot loom very large in their interests. they are very much into the drinking though, which makes me wonder if there is the danger of being alcoholics without realising…

i was thinking what i would do if i were to go live in france and use that £1 fare and go to those places, and i find i dont really do much, except go to the beach. and even then, i have a feeling i wont like doing it too often as i dont really like baking in the sun. 

i dont like eating in restaurants nowadays, nor do i take wine, so those two pastimes are not for me. it is a pity that, because france is a great place to be if u like gourmet food, and drinking wine.

what else, sightseeing? maybe for the first time, but i have realised that can soon get boring if repeated.  so really, eating, and drinking wine are the two real good reasons to live in france, and neither of which are my interests. there are other reasons of course but you have to admit those two trumps them all.

so just as here, where even though i get that £1 fare to bournemouth, i seldom make use of it and dont go there, (i have a friend who lives there and so it is free to stay with him, so i could not even give as an excuse the cost of hotel accommodation).

i can see that just making it cheap to travel is not really going to tempt me to travel. you have to find something to do there that appeals to you, otherwise you wont bother to go.

but i think that applies only to us old guys… who have travelled and seen most of it. to the young, (or even to the old ones who have not travelled before) as i know from my younger days, curiosity and wanting to try something new will always be a draw and it will make young people want to travel. 

added 11.35am paddington library. i was reading yesterday’s times, because yesterday victoria library where i go usually to read the saturday papers did not have any delivered. and i read in the travel section that norwegian.com in conjunction with easyjet , where u can book it with a easyjet connecting flight , costs only £180 one way to singapore, but it does not include food, luggage or seat allocation, £50 extra for each. so the basic price of £390 will be increased by £100 if u want food and luggage. so i remember malaysia airlines was giving away £450 return flights in their sale earlier this year  and it is a direct flight to kl. added. 6.07pm, i went to their website out of curiosity and found there is a £149 flight on 25nov2017, going there, and £149 flight coming back on 26jan2018. so for the really determined, you could get a trip there for £350 rtn, if u just have food, and forget about stored luggage. free hand luggage 10kg should be enough really .you can buy everything else there. i suppose not many can go there for so long except for the retired like me. but even then, it does not tempt me at all.

added 3.10.17. i saw this article account in the independent of someone who was given a complimentary trip on the first flight by norwegian to singapore. she was put in their premium class seats, so it is not a account of what economy is like. so not a typical flight for someone paying the £150 one way fare. 

added 4.16pm 21.7C sunny i was at the japanese matsuri (which means festival ) in trafalgar square just now, and saw this cute boy eating frm a huge noodle pot. he was oblivious to everything around him. 

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