local news

27 Sep

london 12.38pm 18.8C hazy bright victoria library wednesday 2017

very surprised to read in the dailymail newspaper that lady lucan had died. none of the other papers reported it. and when i went to look at the website i find more details. even pictures of her mews house. much more details than in the newspaper article. i think this is a scoop for the daily mail to report her death before all the other papers. and it reported that 

She spent her days going to library, listening to LBC radio and walking in nearby Green Park.

i have seen her as a regular at this victoria library. she comes in to read the daily mail, and to use the library computers. i saw her a few days ago, can’t remember howlong ago… but it seems she had  missed her usual activities 3days ago. she had been estranged from her children for a long time. 50yrs it seems, and have not seen her grandchildren at all. 

 we tend to leave her alone, and not pester her with recognition. esp when at one time the daily mail was doing a big spread on her talking about her ex husband, the former lord lucan who tried to murder her and murdered the nanny instead. it is a bit strange to read of the death of someone when u feel you ‘know’ them vaguely because u have seen them in your daily life and is so much in the news.

so she had died at 80yrs old. if her ex husband had been alive he would be 82yrs old. 

added. 14.1.17 sunday 4.8C 00.44am this article about lady lucan’s will, she gave it all to shelter, a homeless charity. it seems she committed suicide by drinking a lethal cocktail of drugs mistakenly believing she has parkinson’s disease. 

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