29 Sep

london 11.16am 19.8C cloudy/bright friday 2017

I saw today in the londonist a article about these two concrete huts adorned with shells that i often see when the bus passes the lower grosvernor gdns, which are just by victoria station. i found out that it was a french area long ago, and the gardens originally were laid out with a fleur de lis pattern.

the surrounding buildings have these very high domed roofs that are very french… or so i thought and it seems i was right. there have been french influence in this area long ago.

now of course the gardens have reverted to the english style. planted with seasonal flowers like daffodils or tulips early in the year, to be replaced by summer plantings later in the year.

that statue  has a large paved area round it which  ate up a portion of the gardens was to celebrate a french general, it seems. i have thought it was an english general. 

i took these on the bus a month ago i think.

added 4.32pm i saw this copy of the latest dan brown in the charing cross library earlier today. rather interesting because the release date for this book is 3rd oct. yet, today 29 sept, it is allready in the library. curious. i am looking forward to reading it.

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