moon cakes

8 Oct

london 12.32pm 23bus to piccadilly circus sunny sunday 2017

virgin lounge 2.11pm 

i saw these being sold in gerrard st, from temporary pavilions set up in the street  in china town this morning. i went about 1pm after i went to the paddington library to read the papers.   £10 for 4, with double york. quite a nice price, and all beautifully packed inside a nice tin.  considering there were smaller mooncakes  on sale in another stall for £2 each and they are not so nice as these. i am not usually a fan of  mooncakes, as i find they are very sweet, but i guess i too can be persuaded by price reductions. haha. when she told me they have double york, that made them even more desireable, to getting me to buy as i love the yolk in the mooncakes. their saltiness contrasts very nicely with the sweet. i passed them earlier, but went ahead to the loon moon first.

 i bought some extra large dried ho fun,400mg at £1.35 normal price. i find the extra large size rather perfect for char kuey teow. the same shop, new loon moon, were still selling off their kikoman light soya sauce 1.6litre for £3.75. if it is dark soya sauce i will buy them, but i dont use light soya sauce anymore.

there was a caucasian man ahead of me in the queue to pay; with a large basket , who offered to let me go ahead of him when he saw i only have a few items;  but i told him no need. i saw he got a lot of chinese groceries, and i commented on it, and he said it is to make sukiyaki. interesting that he said the japanese name, instead of chinese hotpot. they are the same i think. asian cooking are very similar when u come to think of it, they just have different names for it. i mean pad thai is rather similar to char kuey teow in a way… except they use thin noodles for pad thai, and large ho fun noodles for char kuey teow. 

added. i have since eaten it and it is really very nice, the salty yolk made it less sweet and so much tastier. 

3 Responses to “moon cakes”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday October 8, 2017 at 3:02 pm #

    Great you found mooncakes and so much cheaper than lil red dot. A simple box sells for $45 for 2 yolks or more at 5 star hotels! Amazing your food items much cheaper than mine.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday October 8, 2017 at 5:41 pm #

      even here mooncakes are expensive before the festival day, but now festival day is over (it is on 5oct) , and so they are selling it off cheaper. i think the ones i bought have one yolk but still very nice. i doubt there is room for two yolks really.edit. i do those sellers a diservice, the moon cakes really do have two egg yolks in them. those sellers dont speak english, i realise now. but they did understand me.
      elsewhere on the street, i was given leaflets in chinese,to advertise a chinese community; and they dont have any english leaflets at all. in fact the man who gave it to me said he is from malaysia, and expressed surprise that i dont read chinese., i asked him did he go to a chinese medium school because in my time, we have a split, you are either enrolled in a mandarin school, or an english medium school. i sometimes suspect that there are cheap deals written in mandarin, that i dont know about because i could not read it.
      i am sure in singapore, they must be reducing the price of the mooncakes now. not to mention everything is expensive if you buy them in 5 star hotels. i daresay next week i shall find even cheaper mooncakes on sale. haha.

      • Garfield Hug Monday October 9, 2017 at 4:14 pm #

        Sadly here no discount even after 15th lunar calendar. I think they send it to old folks home or to the poor which is good though😀👍

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