ikea homes through 4 decades

20 Oct

london 3.13pm sunny 15.3C friday 2017

i went to a meetup of ex members of a east-west club at montague pyke, the pub, and i found out that it is next door to this house that ikea has taken over for 4days to show their furniture over the 3 decades that they have been trading in uk. so there was the 80s living room, 90s , 00s and one in the attic showing the 10s . that top room has a woman dolled up like a android… i thought she was not real, actually… until she started moving… i think if she stayed still, i would still be fooled and not sure how to react to it. some might even be tempted to stick a pin in her… just to find out… oh wait, maybe that is why she moved… haha.

though the furniture is quite timeless, actually and the only way u can tell it is the future is the different tvs in there. haha.

the house is rather interesting, i have never been inside these and often i wondered what they are like when i am on the street looking up at them. there are a lot of stairs to climb haha. each floor is one large room, they might have been large bedsits each. 

i think i prefer my flat, where it is all on one level. it would be a bother if u forget something that is on the top floor just when u are heading out to the street on the ground floor. their ground floor had been eaten up by half the space taken over by the montague pyke pub to give them a entrance/exit into this street, like a backdoor , because their main entrance/exit is on the other side of the building.

from the outside you can see the house has been changed, so that the ground floor height is reduced to allow an extra floor to be added without making the house taller. and if u compare it with the house next door, the 3 windows have been replaced with 2 large ones. this house have been altered quite extensively.


actually if u look at furniture, have you noticed that they are more or less the same shape? perhaps they have to conform to our bodies and our bodies dont change in shape nor do we lie differently over the years. the materials changed and that seems to be the only change over the years. i bet if we go to 2050 we will still be able to recognise furniture. it wont be so weird and different that we wont know which end to sit on …haha.

this is the back view , that roof you see is the passage from montague pyke pub. it continues past that wall to the main room , a very high ceilinged auditorium which was the cinema in the old days. i was very surprised that it is so low that i could not see it over that wall. there is no sign of the montague pyke building from here. amazing isn’t it? the whole area is so open, lots of sunshine, no tall buildings blocking the light. if u look here, google map shows the terrain very well. zoom in to the montague pyke area and u can see the whole building stretching from one end across what must be gardens into the back end of 19 greek st. 

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