fried chicken eating place

23 Oct

london virgin lounge 1.46pm rain 16C monday 2017

i have just eaten a free chicken burger by billy and chicks, strange name for a restaurant in soho, but they are giving away 50 free burgers today and tomorrow. a chicken burger is a nice change from beef burgers that we get free … 


it normally costs £8. a whole breast of chicken (or it might be boneless thigh) between two buns . they have a board outside the restaurant advertising  chicken , chips and drink for £5. and if what they say is true, that all prices are half price till this friday as part of their promotion, than at £2.50 it will be worth it. but when u go inside, there is no mention of this in their menu on show. so i am not sure if u can get that. though i think the price of £5 is the discounted price. (edited. it is for takeaway only, for 1 piece of chicken, chips and a drink (presumably a soft drink).

this chicken burger  i got can be bought at half price £4 during these 4 days of promotions  is about £1 cheaper than the cost of kfc (kentucky fried chicken) burger.  note, kfc never have vouchers for half price food like burgerking or macdonalds. i wonder why…

i got my burger free , of course as i was the 3rd person on line. in fact when i arrived at about quarter to 12pm, there was only this two japanese looking women in the queue. i was expecting a long queue but it happened later. then i was joined by my two friends, the couple who go to all these freebies. haha . i mentioned i shall also be seeing them in the free fish and chips on friday in greenwich, and they said they dont know that one. so i was able to give them this tip .

ah well, it is very nice all these free meals. but when you consider £8, i can get 2 whole chickens and have roast chicken for 8 meals or more. so it is really  hard to compete with that in my book. even kfc, £4 for 3pieces of chicken is still too expensive compared to what i can get with a whole chicken for that same price. sometimes i really wonder why people buy these , surely not all of them cannot cook. or have no ovens at home. ah well, perhaps i should be glad that there are people willing to buy from them… the commercial life of a city depands on these people. it provides jobs and  it makes city life more vibrant i think. 

added, i read in today’s metro newspaper, that chinese food tops takeaways in london, average spend is £107 a month. based on deliveroo figures. next is italian, ie pizza, followed by indian, american and mexican. an average of £25 a week on takeaways … i cannot imagine anyone doing this. the figures means there must be some who spend way more than that, and they are the ones who bung up the figures. 

added. 25.10.17 wednesday. i have since realised that there are lots of chicken shops independantly run all over london, and they dont rely on deliveroo, so i would guess that chicken takeaways must be ranked number one.

i must say all this chicken makes me crave a roast chicken from my oven. when i first heard of this free offer, i had visions of fried chicken , with their crispy skin… a bit like kfc. haha. so i was rather nonplussed when it turned out to be a chicken burger. 

my craving for something fried reminds me that there are a lot of independant chicken shops, all over london ,  selling fried chicken. i have never eaten from them, however, so dont know if it is crispy fried skin and batter. i have a feeling it is hard to find one with crispy fried battered chicken. it is difficult to cook myself, as all that oil is not something i want to have lying around after cooking it. not to mention all that oil in the air will really make my kitchen even more greasy than it is allready. so fried chicken is not something i can do at home.

life is a lot of fun these days. for me anyway. i doubt i could have such a nice life in malaysia, or singapore, or even thailand. i try to imagine what i will be doing, or what it will be like if i were to live there, but i cannot imagine that it will be as nice as this.

i know i shall never find free books to read, and of the latest novels too which i can find in the library here in london. and also the newspapers. i will complain about them not being very satisfying to read, but still i will be rather at a loss if they are not available. haha.

and then there is the changing seasons. and the weather, so mild , even the cold is lovely, and never too hot. so i dont ever have to use heaters, or airconditioners.

and then there are the tv programs. its varied enough for me to find somethings to my liking… added. 10.09pm, for eg, this tv program i just saw, elizabeth 1’s secret agents on bbc2. very interesting telling of the spies who got mary, queen of scots to sign incriminatory evidence to convict her of plotting to assasinate elizabeth, and manipulating elizabeth to sign her death warrant. what i did not know was that during the execution of mary, the axe man did not manage to finish her off on the first stroke, and had to chop her head off, and when he held her head up, he forgot she was wearing a wig, and her head fell off and bounced on the floor, and set her little dog who was hiding underneath her gown to barking… the two commissioners who organised it totally  suffered a mental breakdown after all that… as we can well imagine. it was like a farce… the program was very well done, as the british knows how to do these things so well… a mixture of understatement and drama and astute asides… brilliant. 

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