roast chicken. piccadilly advert lights switch today. 5 years with wordpress

26 Oct

london 12.57pm cloudy/drizzling thursday 2017 16C

its quite a quiet time , ie no free food from restaurants haha.

this morning i went to the asda and lidl in clapham junction, to buy asda’s 40p 500ml basic washing up liquid. and whilst there i bought brocolli at 50p. then i went to the lidl next door and bought their pork, 1.64kg £4.09 @ £2.78/kg, and a medium chicken £3.09 for 1.65kg @ 1.87/kg. and two packs of their basic peanuts @24p/100mg.

i was reminded of chicken roasting, after all those free chicken food lately. so now that chicken is roasting in my oven. and the lovely smell of roasting chicken is wafting all over the flat. haha.

oh, this reminds me that i have run out of ginger so i should go to brixton to stock up. perhaps after the chicken lunch i shall be having, i shall go to brixton. 


its very succulent, and juicy and the skin is just lovely, crispy…and the wing tips is so crunchy, i ate it all including the bone. i seasoned it with salt and chilli powder. the chilli powder gave it a nice kick. i shall use it more often next time.

i wonder what i did right to get it so juicy. it was 200C for about 15mins and then i turned it down to cooking time was about 1.5hr from cold.  the oven took 2kwh to cook it.

halogen oven will use less energy, but our halogen oven went kaput some time ago. 

added 4.30pm rain. i think brixton is having a famine of ginger now. when i went there i could not find any 50p ginger. only one stall selling it for 59p and it was very old gingger.  most were £1 and they look very old. when i got back i googled tesco,ginger, and found they are selling it for £2.70/kg. yet in brixton, the unpackaged ginger have a tag of £5/kg. i wonder what is going on. tesco’s ginger comes from china. so maybe brixton’s is local and now that winter is coming, ginger is in short supply. so i did not buy. it would be more value -for- money to buy tescos’ ginger. so this evening i might go to the tesco near me and see if there are any to be had there. 

early this morning, the advert screen in piccadilly circus is switched on. added 8.31pm, just got a notification from wordpress to say its been 5 yrs since i first started with wordpress on this day. 2012. 

added. 8.18pm monday 30.10.17. i did go that night to tesco to buy the ginger, but when i got there i clean forgot. i went again the next day and found their ginger, it has no price on it. it was loose ginger, so i picked a few guessing it must be about 200mg, and went to the self service to find out what it cost. thinking that if it is not £2.70/kg as they say, i shall not buy it. the self service till did not bring up ginger when i was using it, so  i put it aside whilst completing the rest of the shopping. the helper came and ask me if i want it, the ginger, and i told her i could not find the code for it… and she have to manually manipulate it and it turned otu to be 225mg, for 61p, @ £2.70/kg. it was very young ginger stems, so quite a good buy. when this promotion is over, it will still be only £3/kg, which is still a good price. now i think of it, the brixton ginger is not as good value as this. 


2 Responses to “roast chicken. piccadilly advert lights switch today. 5 years with wordpress”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday October 26, 2017 at 2:13 pm #

    Usually they say a slow roast locks in the flavors! Looks yummy indeed and I wish I could try it as it sounds great! But it is expensive considering the smallish bird. Here chicken cheaper but pork costs more. Strange right?!

  2. alifesgayventure Thursday October 26, 2017 at 4:23 pm #

    is chicken cheaper in singapore? here chicken is considered the cheapest meat. whole fresh chicken £1.87/kg, or 85p/lb. chicken breasts are expensive though.

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