bargain offers

5 Nov

london 2.21pm 11.4C dark clouds gathering sunday 2017

today’s mail on sunday is offering me a free £5 amazon voucher, and no need to redeem any nectar points for it too. it seems i have completed 3 entries of those numbers printed at the back of the daily mail paper, and so i am eligible for it. well, since it is free, i click on it to get it. i am hoping it will be possible to use it for the kindle books. though i have been getting the books free up to now. haha. 

i got a lot of nectar points too. what with using the daily mail to collect it, as well as simon buying stuff from sainsburys and using my nectar card.

i now got 4000 nectar points, about £20 worth. its like christmas, i am deciding what i shall buy with it. 

its a quiet day as i take the bus to the paddington library, i was hoping to read the mail on sunday there, but someone has got it, and seem to be reading it slowly, because they are taking a long time to return it to the shelf for me to borrow. (i have noticed this among daily mail readers. there are some who just devour every word,and go through that paper with a fine toothcomb, reading every word, and lingering over every page. and then after they finish they go right back to the beginning and read all those words again, slowly…  they are some weird people.)

so i decided to cut short my stay and go shopping…  i wanted to go to the lidl’s in stockwell, south london to get their special reduced price cauliflower at 59p (i bought 2 ) and mushrooms. as well as the frozen prawns. (prawns are from outside the EU, so by rights should be only affected by the £ being weak… the others have been increasing its price… but not lidls. they are great in stir fries.

it was very busy in that lidl’s. i am quite surprised at how busy it was, long queues at the checkouts, with lots of people buying a lot of stuff. but thinking about it, i realise  i should not be surprised at it. people are waking up to the fact that lidls is cheaper than the other supermarkets. and their shelves are full of stuff too, unlike sainsburys or tesco, and waitrose too…  where nowadays i see lots of empty shelves in those supermarkets… i wonder why those others are not able to keep their shelves replenished. sometimes you can see their fresh veg trays are empty. suggesting that they cannot keep up with the demand.

yet lidls seem to be able to cope well… all the other supermarkets are selling cauliflowers for £1 , yet lidls can sell it reduced like this. it does make me wonder why those others cannot reduce their veg too…??? if not for lidls, they will keep the prices high and we will never suspect it, as there will be no one else reducing it.

and it cannot be due to brexit, can it? lidls can reduce their price and they must be operating under the same conditions as the others if you say brexit has increased the price, and yet lidls can reduce it. 

2.53pm 10.9C the storm clouds seem to be going away, because the sun has come out. 



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