how true is it, coral grows underneath antarctica.

6 Nov

london 8.07am sunny 3.8C first time i see this temperature. monday 2017. lowest it got to was 3.6C it seems.

ooh, they have predicted it will be cold , but nice to see this temperature. i think it is unusual for london. at least i have not seen such a temperature in november for quite some while. but funny enough it does not feel cold in the flat. and we dont have heating. 

that is normal too. ever since the neighbour upstairs sold his flat , about 10yrs ago, and the new owner laid down carpets (must be of good quality because it  effectively sealed my flat from heat leakage ) my flat have been warm in winter. helped by heat from the downstair’s flat rising through my thin carpets into my flat. haa). 

i took a peek at edinburgh’s temperature, it is now 2C, the lowest they got to was 1.5C. so even as far north as that it did not get to 0C. maybe it is the city effect. cities tend to be warmer. hang on, i thought i shall look at a small town so that there is no city effect, and i saw wick, but it is 7C now there. and raining.. and their lowest was 6C. it just goes to show the gulf stream is so important to those areas. even so far north they have warmer temps than us down south.

and all those nature programs must mean  everyone knows that norway keeps its harbour waters ice free all year and let all those fishes and whales and whatnot go there every year to have orgies. haa.

which reminds me about last night, they showed the 2nd episode of blue planet 2. it seems there are coral growing underneath the ice in the antarctic. i was more than surprised… has the blue planet team got all mixed up with their films and joined up tropical coral shots with their footage of antartica? if it is true, that they did find coral growing underneath antarctica, it would overturn all we know of the science of coral…i find it hard to believe, but that was how the film made it appear so. 

added. 11.29am 11.7C sunny victoria train station

  out of the blue i got an email from krispie creme today, saying they have not heard from me for some time so they will give me a free doughnut. haha. well, i have just eaten it. victoria station is quite nice to hangaround. it has glass or clear plastic roofing, so sunlight streams in. i think that is lovely. it islike being outdoors without the cold bit. 



3 Responses to “how true is it, coral grows underneath antarctica.”

  1. Garfield Hug Monday November 6, 2017 at 12:31 pm #

    That is a nice krispy creme!

  2. Garfield Hug Monday November 6, 2017 at 12:48 pm #

    Lol! Glad your apt is warm. Older buildings tend to be better built I guess. Or your neighbor’s carpet or both. Stay warm my friend.

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