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7 Nov


london 3.22pm light rain 10.8C tuesday 2017

yesterday  today actually,  google  did a pad thai doodle. just for the heck of it, i think, because it is not a pad thai anniversary  coming up or anything like that. haha. pad thai is very similar to char kuey teoh. i wonder if that is the origin of it.

in malaysia we have two types … the penang version which is sweet, and the kl version which is not. i prefer the kl version. and it has this distinctive vegetable called chinese chives. i know it as  the chinese name of kui choy. it gives it its distinctive flavour. and it is usually cooked with si ham, cockles, and flat broad rice noodles and bean sprouts. and sambal belachan.  that is it really. that to me is the real authentic thing. prawns are extra. the real flavour of char kuey teoh is the wok hey… the smokey flavour imparted on the whole thing by a very hot wok. if the pad thai is a copy of the char kuey teoh, it is a very poor imitation. haha. 

Digital StillCamera

the above picture  is just my home made cauliflower and pork which i quickly rustled up for lunch just now.

earlier, i went to a cafe called paul, specialising in french bread. they were selling £1 sandwiches for charity. i got the vegetarian one, because they say it has roast vegetables. but it hadnt got the roasted flavour, and i wonder if i would have been better off getting the turkey sandwich instead. the baquette was hard… is that normal for french baquette?  i hear so much about how nice french bread is and i thought i shall buy one to find out for myself. 

i was expecting a crisp bread with a firm crust with the insides still  very soft. but instead i got a hard bread all the way through. is that normal? or is it just me? its just that i remember eating baquettes when i was in france, and if my memory still serves me, it has a crusty outside but the insides are beautifully fluffy and soft… i remember they are quite fat, those loaves i get in france with very broad cross section. whilst these were very small radius. that might explain why they are so hard. 

could it be  just that as i get old, i find eating hard things rather risky, as i am afraid i might break a tooth on it or dislodge my crown. 


just an image i found in google. taken in subang jaya, near my family home in malaysia. it shows to perfection all the ingredients of a good char kuey teoh


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