meet friends

9 Nov

london 9.15pm 11.8C night it rained slightly just now. thursday 2017

i was hanging around the w h smith store inside victoria railway station, and looking at the magazines when a man  standing next to me said something. i ignored him and then he said dont you remember me? and mentioned the ex east west club , saying we met there. and that was when i realised who he was… i am rather glad he was not offended as i did not recognise him at all. i apologised and said i did not recognise him because he looked so different. he was wearing a fake fur hat, looked like one of those russian style hats , and he was wearing a overcoat. anyway. we chatted and he said he was waiting for a friend. who was very different from him. the friend was chinese too,

oh did i mention this guy who i did not recognise, is chinese. he lives in a house in stratford. during our chat he mentioned his house has a large garden full of fruit trees, and even grapes which his civil partner makes wine out of. its the first time i meet someone i know whilst walking about in london. so different from bangkok, where u can meet guys you know. like the time i was wandering around silom, and who do i meet but a friend from london. haha.

this is the first time , for quite a while, that i meet a friend accidentally like this in london. and not in soho. the last time this happened was in soho, and that was like ages ago and during  gay pride, which does not count really, because it stands to reason we will meet other gay friends then. this friend said he will be going to morrocco with his civil partner for 2wks, and then afterwards they will go to thailand, pattaya, for 2months. they have been going there during the  winter months for a long time now, he said. 

when the friend came we went to cardinal place where they ate lunch at eat, a cafe there. i was not tempted to eat anything as it was just ordinary stuff. i said to them, if i were in malaysia or in thailand i will not be able to resist buying the local hawker foods, and will surely get fat… but here, i am not tempted with these, and so dont have to worry about getting fat here.

he said they go there often whenever they meet up, and he always orders what the other friend orders, which is a cold salad. i mentioned how come u dont get the hot noodle soup. because when i heard that what he was eating was cold, i did say hot would be nicer. and he agreed. and he turned round to look at the menu board above the counter and saw the noodle soup i was talking about, and said he never noticed that before. if he had known he would have ordered that.

it is interesting that these two chinese guys will want to order these foods in this kind of place. to me the food looks easy to make myself so not the kind of foods i want to pay for. later we went to the victoria place macdonalds sitting area and sat there and chat somemore… this is because the eat cafe began to fill up with the lunch time crowd and we were taking up table space and dont want to hog the space.

so this is what it islike to meet up with friends. hmm, i often think i would like that, but now that i have done it, i think the idea is better than the reality. i can see that there may not be much to talk about if we were to do this often… this first time, is great, as i dont know anything about them, so all that they say is new to me. but i can see it will be rather difficult to find new things to talk about if we do it often. 



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