i have moved my energy supplier to brilliant energy

11 Nov

london 8.31pm 9.8C dry now, but the ground is wet. saturday 2017

here in the uk, we can move suppliers to a cheaper tariff. its competition. but it does mean we need to do research and start deciding who to join. 

my np contract is expiring end of december, and i was looking for a new one. it can be a worrying time for those who are prone to anxiety about these things… fortunately i am not one of them.  but we get some help, because here there are many newspapers who ask for people to sign up so that they can get the numbers to make deals with the energy suppliers. it does make it easy for us. 

i joined the daily mail who had asked for people to join so that it can negotiate a good tariff from the suppliers when it can give them a huge number of people to bargain with.

at first i thought i shall join sse, (who i found in the most recent news that np is buying them). the tariff they offer is better than the np tariff is asking me to join after my contract expired. the new np tariff is £50 a year more.  it is really true what they said  that your present supplier will not give u a better deal, even though u are allready a customer. or maybe because of it… but they must know that we will move when another rival offers a better deal, and yet they  continue to give us a bad deal…ah well, it looks like that is the rules of the game, and we go searching for the cheapest tariff everytime and go round and round the companies , moving from one to another in a perpetual game of musical chairs. 

but the sse offer would still have meant an increase of £20 a year to my present yearly bill for electricity. i was resigned to paying it , and they give 5000 nectar points to sweeten the deal. but when i started the process, there was a glitch and i could not complete it. then i thought i will delay joining them, as i wanted to see if there are any better deals and also i want the contract to start nearer the end of december, so i can make full use of my old contract, which is .1667p/kwh.

the brilliant bright  energy one is not nectar related, so i dont get that 5000nectar points, but it is equal to my old contract. even though it has a standing charge of 14.34p a day (£52.35 a year) the daily rate is .1223p/kwh. it works out  equivalent to the old rate or almost equivalent at 0.1689p/kwh. i am getting 0.1667p/kwh now.  i much prefer getting a lower rate than have the nectar points.

anyway today when i felt i have to join one of them, because the offer expires on 14nov, i found listed in there  a company called brilliant energy, which  was not listed before, and which i have never heard of , and they offer me a £61 saving, bringing the cost to the same as my old contract that will expire soon. 

so i joined them, and filled out the direct debit. and so i got a confirmation email from them saying i am in. i can cancel if i am not satisfied within 14 days, but their tariff is a good one. and it is fixed for the whole year from the time i start with them. so that is good.

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