kikkoman soya sauce

12 Nov

london 3.02pm 8.8C clear day sunday 2017

got caught up by the marching soldiers at about 1pm, because the remembrance ceremony which was in whitehall is over and they were marching back. so the bus was caught up at piccadilly circus and also at victoria station. i should have taken the tube when i left chinatown, but habit made me forget to take the tube. when they are running smoothly, taking the bus means less walking as changing buses are at the same bus stop and it puts me down right near my flat. 

fortunately going to the paddington library in the morning was unimpeded. in fact, i met ian there. he lives nearby, but i never see him in the library till today… he was returning a spanish novel, which he borrowed thinking his boyfriend can read it, but it seems it was too difficult to read… the boyfriend can speak spanish very well, enough to be able to talk spanish to his spanish speakng patients. #

usually i would avoid central london at this time, it being remembrance weekend, but simon wanted black soya sauce so i went to chinatown to buy it, and there i noticed the 1.6litre kikkoman light soya sauce that had been reduced from its normal £5 or so , to £2.99 had been reduced even further to 99p. its expiry date is 22.11.17. compare that to the price i paid for the black soya sauce 500ml, £1.55. i dont use light soya sauce much, but i figured  maybe simon would like it. i have got some of the kikkoman bottles , they look very nice with their distinctive shape.

they have been present during mychildhood in malaysia, practically everyone in malaysia use them and have them. so they must have been very affordable even to my poor family in those far off days.  these bottles are everywhere during my growing up years. yet when i came to uk, i never see them around. maybe they are quite expensive now. 


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