18 Nov

london 7.15pm saturday 2017 9C rain,

it’s been raining all day. i ventured out at 12pm, to the victoria library and it was raining then. a light rain, not big enough to put up an umbrella. it was not cold even though the forecast was for a early morning temperature of 2C, but it was wrong. coldest it got was 6.7C around 6.30am.

the daily mail on saturday is having a detective murder mystery for us to guess who did it. the prize is £25000. i wonder who will be the lucky winner. every week there will be a winner, for 4wks. the paper also have a voucher for 2 wrapping paper, redeemable at paperchase… fortunately it is valid today and tomorrow as it is so rainy that i did not fancy going to the shop to get it today.

weather like this makes me glad to stay indoors and at home. haha. i think a lot of businesses must be quiet today, as i think quite a lot of people are like me, not wanting to go out at all if they can help it.

but london has so many visitors, i think i might be wrong and business will still be good. we hear so much of other cities their local citizens complaining that there are too many tourists, but in london i doubt you will hear much of that. somehow the city is so well organised, locals dont feel crowded out by the tourists. at least, i am a local and i dont feel crowded by tourists.

i think london is very efficient that way. perhaps other cities might like to come and see how it is done. and the restaurants dont sneak in hidden costs unlike in venice, where a chinese man and his parents were given a huge bill, over 100Euros it seems the restaurant serving them dishes they did not order. i think they got a reputation for charging a lot; so much so that the tourist keep away , and so when they do get one, they just have to make hay and screw him for as much as they can get.haha.

this publicity about it will just mean no one will eat in any restaurant in venice at all and that cannot be good for business.

anyway i am glad i am not a tourist, having to rely on restaurants for my meals, having always to eat out, it can be very costly if u do so… but i also think it can get boring. somehow i like my own cooking and the foods that i prepare. even a simple dish like a stir fried veg over rice is so much nicer , and i can eat that everyday and not get fedup at all. it is strange that, maybe because it is not salty, unlike food that you buy out. 

sunrise 7:23 AM

sunset 4:07 PM


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