magnus chase, by rick riordan

24 Nov

london 12.48pm 10.6C cloudy friday 2017

 so called black friday today. perhaps this means that a few weeks  later, i might find a lot of lovely stuff being thrown away in the recycling bins. haha. 

Digital StillCamera

the picture is just the lovely sphag bol made by simon and ready right when i returned from the library. so i have this lunch waiting for me. and now i am sitting on my sofa (one i found long ago and it is a sofabed) sipping my coffee and writing this. its a lovely life.

i have discovered another of rick riordan’s series, this one is the magnus chase series. i found all three books of the series in the library and borrowed them all. and i have finished the first one, the sword of summer.  . its very funny and just full of action.

its his take on the norse gods. they are all the rage now, with films currently showing thor, and loki. whereas they concentrate on  thor, and loki, he takes as his hero the son of the god frey who is a nature god, responsible for the seasons, and growing things. this god is not well known so you get a different perspective when viewed from his aspect. i am now reading the 2nd book , the hammer of thor.

One Response to “magnus chase, by rick riordan”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday November 24, 2017 at 3:25 pm #

    Sounds like good books….I do envy you…a great plate of spaghetti and you lounging on your sofa bed. Enjoy!

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