26 Nov

london 10.01am sunny 10C sunday 2017

paddington library 11.47am 12.1C coldest today was 4.1C around6.50am

i was early to the library, which does not open until 11am, so i went into the waitrose nearby, which allows shoppers to go in 10mins or so before it opens to browse around. i saw  reduced price veg, beansprouts 35p, brocolli 39p, and even lots of reduced pack of 8pork sausages 454mg 59p.(usually £1.20) and i got a free coffee as well. so that was a nice shopping trip. seems like it might be good to go early. but these reductions are hit or miss really, depanding on what they got expiring today. added. the sausages are actually very good. there was no oil coming out of them when i cook them, so they did not have that oily look about them, and they were delicious. 

life is quite pleasant for these unexpected reductions. otherwise the general world and local news is rather depressing. it doesnot affect me personally, but the doom and gloom rather can get to you, if u let it. that is why i skip the news a lot when i am reading the papers. i guess by their very nature, news will be gloomy and bad… otherwise it wont be reported. good news are not really worth printing out.

sometimes if they were to adopt a policy of only writing about good news, i have a feeling it will still be depressing… because it will make those who read it look at their lives and compare with all the good news around and feel they are failures. whereas all this bad news can make some people feel happier, in that they are not affected and so be happy that they are not experienceing all that bad times that other people are going through.

i think most people feel happy or sad in relation to others around them. and the skill lies in keeping a sense of perspective, and not allow sad people or sad events to influence you too much.

added.when i got back i started cooking the sausages, the other 3 packs i frozed. (yes, i went back to the waitrose after the library and bought another 2 packs. ) and simon came back, so he was able to eat that with the stir fried ho fun noodles and beansprouts (char kuey teoh, we chinese call it) that i cooked. and we were both seeing a tv program while we ate, and it was a very funny one. an episode of ‘would i lie to you’. one of them says he can split an apple in half with just his hands. the others have to guess if he is telling the truth or not. they said he is telling a lie. but he was in fact telling the truth… and demonstrated it. simon says his mum would do it and split the apple with her bare hands … so that we two say it was true. but if simon had not told me his mum does it, i too would say it is a lie. i have never seen anyone do it in my life till now. amazing isn’t it that it can be done. the whole program was very funny and we laughed out  loud. it feels so good to have a good laugh, makes life more happy. 


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