just what i do

2 Dec

london 7pm 7C dark now saturday 2017

earlier i was at canada water, a tube station just a stop from canary wharf. it is more residential, this area, and i was there to eat free dumplings and gyozo , from yum buns, a roadside cooking van that is set up by the london square developers outside their newly built flats there. there are 4 storey blocks of flats built over quite a large landscaped grounds.

it was nice food, but not many people went, less than 10 people. i met again with the couple who i see often at these free foodie giveaways. they told me of this one.  and we were asked by a chap with a camera whether we mind  to pose for a photo with the food and the staff of the van for their publicity.  we were not really that keen, but then i guess since they have given us the free food it would be impolite not to. and they were not pushy about us going in to look at the flats. later one lady ask us if we would like to look in. perhaps if they had come before the food handout, whilst we were waiting for the van to get ready to cook the foods, we might have been persuaded to go in and look around. but not after we had eaten. it would be interesting to see what kind of flat we would be getting for the money… though we have our own flats and like living in it, not to mention we would never be able to afford these flats anyway.

the food was two open buns, one with tofu, the other with belly pork. if u want vegetarian,  u get two tofu instead of pork. and two gyoza (fried dumplings) and a salad. and you get a choice of cold tea, or hot soup. it was very nice indeed.

as for the flats, maybe it might suit people who like living in low rise flats, rather than a high rise block of many storeys, esp when we hear so many stories of fire in these high rise and people trapped in them. it is within walking distance to canada waters, and the journey to westminster and green park by jubilee line is very quick. less than 30mins. i did not time it and it might well be 15mins.  and it is in zone 2. one of the guys tell me that the flats are from £500,000 for 1bed flats… to me it is still very expensive. here in uk no one talks of the square footage, just the number of bedrooms. not a good guide to how big the flat is. i would imagine anyone being attracted to the free food wont be in the market for these flats. but still it is nice of them to make the effort. and who knows my talking of it might give others ideas. i must say i am biased for central london. the area round vauxhall/ battersea, might be more suited… it is so central, but i just imagine it might not be possible to get anything decent for half a million pounds. haha. personally i will go for old flats, rather than new build. i think u might get more flat for your money if u buy old flats. but thank goodness i am not in the market to buy flats. 

life is very pleasant in london for me. today was sunny so with the nice crisp air i like it. 



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