5 Dec

london 11.33am 9.3C cloudy/rain tuesday 2017

its been around 9C all night last night and early morning today. so it is very mild indeed.

that is the nice bit about living in london, we get this finger of warm air coming across the north atlantic pushing the cold arctic winds flowing down south towards england, and they push it away so it flows over to the east over the north sea instead and they avoid england. 

with the animated air movements that they show nowadays in the weather website, it is very obvious to see, this battle between the two air forces. on sunday we will get cold winds coming down over england and so i expect the cold then. they forecast -1C . but i doubt it.

there will be rain on monday, so maybe we might get snow.

there is a huge clump of bushes in the tate britain garden, at the back , which is blooming with lots of flowers. it had attracted wasps but it is very strange to see these flowers so late in the year. they are whiteish, not colourful at all. but it is insect pollinated. not all insect pollinated flowers are brightly coloured, it would seem. maybe they shoot out fragrance that attracts wasps. likely foul smells. haha. the wasps collect pollen i think.

yesterday there was a tv program about price comparisons between the power companies. martin lewis guiding people to choose which ones to switch to. and i noticed that people given the choice of big savings with relative unknowns, and smaller savings with household names, tend to go for the household names because they think they get better service from them if anything were to go wrong.

i admit i too was similarly inclined. when i first started looking to switch there were a lot of unknown names that give me huge savings, but i did not even look at them. it was only when i joined the daily mail efforts that i felt more willing to try their recommendations, and this one i got , brilliant energy , i did not hesitate to join even though i have never heard of them before. it just goes to show how important it is to link to another enterprise that people are familiar with… this goes to show that if u advertise with a reputable publication, you might find their reputation rubs off on to you. … though the other side of the coin is if it is a news publisher, their left wing or right wing views might put you off. with me, i figured anything that the daily mail recommends , the power companies i mean, will be steady businesses, and not likely to disappear. though uk is so well regulated with its businesses, that any ones that are allowed to trade re likely to be good. even the ones that fail , you will find the law requires the other companies to take over your power supply so u wont be left without any energy supply. so  i would say go for the biggest savings… as a consumer you cannot lose really. and you will give a lot of newcomers a chance to compete with the big household ones. it is a bit like lidl and aldi breaking the big grip of the main supermarket chains. if u fear being unable to communicate with the small ones, dont be. it is easy to chat with them via their website, where there is real time chat , so no need even to pay for a phone call.

in fact, they called me on the phone at one time, to set up my account and i was so fearful now of giving my details over the phone, that i told their people that i will not do it with them on the phone, but get onto the website and do it online instead. 

i wonder if how you vote in the brexit referendum can influence who u chose to read and thus which adverts you get to read. or to trust. we humans are strange that way. i noticed. we tend to follow and pick things that are recommended by people we trust. and i can see that is where the whole ethos of advertisement are based on…

2 Responses to “advertising”

  1. Sarah M Wednesday December 6, 2017 at 12:47 pm #

    I used a small unknown electric company (can’t remember their name) but they were a nightmare. You could only use their website to communicate but the site was always down. When I moved house it took them 9 months to refund an overpayment. I always said I’d never use any of these companies again.

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday December 6, 2017 at 1:01 pm #

      oh, you should get their name and tell us who they are. i hope it is not brilliant energy. haha. but so far they have been very good. but it is early days so who knows. maybe the thing to do is not to have an overpayment. keep an underpayment, then they will be the ones desperate to get in touch with you. this one i use is based in canary wharf … so i figured if the worst come to the worst i can physically go to their headquarters. the fact that they are london based is also a factor in my chosing them. all the others are based outside london, somewhere in the north. they have a phone number to contact but it is an 033number. it might be a free number to use within my talktalk callplan. i am not sure. my attitude to overpayment or underpayment is just to let them be and let them sort it out. as long as the electricity flows, i am not too bothered . though i always send them my readings, so overpayment never arises. this time it is a direct debit of £15.59 a month. i guess at the end of the contract we shall find out exactly how much i use and pay the balance , or get refund of the balance. problem might arise if i move from them to another provider when the contract ends. but i figured it wont be much of a surplus or refund.

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