just musings

8 Dec

london 8.59am 5.5C sunny friday 2017 i was expecting a low of -1C but the lowest we got was 4.4C this morning about 8am.

yesterday night the lights are switched on the christmas tree in trafalgar square. it is the tree given to uk by norway every year since 1947 to thank britain for helping norway in world war 2. uk pays for the shipping and transport of the tree, which is provided by oslo.

there are so many trees in norway, so i hope this tree wont be missed.it is a huge tree and would have been many years old, maybe hundreds of years old… it always makes me feel a bit sad that it is cut down. something that have existed for so long, to be cut down for something so frivolous as this… but then, maybe it is only our own mind cooking up sensibilities that nature do not partake. nature will destroy things at a stroke and without any qualms, because it knows fresh growth will take its place just like that…

it is a nice gesture to give us a tree and we get to have a tree every year in trafalgar square. the decorations are very simple, but very bright. there is a webcam live showing the square 24hrs … so u can have a look at it if u like. it is daytime now, but at night it can be seen brightly lit. they have carol singing under the tree in the nights to the lead up to christmas day.

webcam live link

my friend asked me what i will be doing on christmas day and i said stay at home as all public transport is closed and all shops are shut. he said haven’t i got a bike or what, thinking that is what is keeping me indoors,  but i said where do i go, nothing is opened. that is the thing about christmas in uk, everything is shut. and those that are open will be jammed with people. for eg some restaurants in chinatown are open but they are really busy and they charge a extra charge for that day. not surprising, as they will have to pay their workers over time to work on that day… and maybe even provide transport for them to get to and back from work or provide accommodation near the shop.

there is a pub in richmond that gives out free lunch to the single people who dont have anyone to go to… it is a great offer, but only to locals living near them, as without public transport there is no way for us living far away to go there. and if we got a friend who have a car to drive us there, we will not have fulfilled their requirements, as we wont be people without a friend. haha.

most of us take walks around our area during christmas day, as the city looks very different on that day . it will be free of traffic for one thing. i live near the river thames so a walk along the river is always very nice. but i think mostly we just watch tv.

it is a day that you can spend on your own, if u dont like travelling and staying overnight with friends, or relations, because there is no public transport and if u dont have a car, or have friends living nearby, you cannot entertain on that day. and i suppose this makes people rather sad, if they dont like to be alone. i am one of the few who likes my own company. 

i have often thought it an anomaly, in this day and age to have no public transport and shops shut for a day in a big city like london… but i guess with the internet shopping available 24hrs, people will manage to overcome even this anomaly. though there is the problem when it is delivered and no one is at home. yesterday i got such a situation. a courier could not deliver a parcel to the flat downstairs, i happen to let him in, and he gave me the parcel, to keep for the owner. so far that owner had not come to my flat to get his parcel. added 7pm . my downstairs neighbour came to collect his package. 

today just now, i let in a courier, who had a parcel to deliver to the flat above me. i was expecting him to give it to me to keep for the owner, but he said it is special delivery and requires a signature. nowadays with so many not living in their flats, but letting it out, any block of flats without a porter will have these problems with delivery. 


4 Responses to “just musings”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday December 8, 2017 at 1:11 pm #

    Thanks for sharing the tradition of a free tree from Norway to thank UK! I never knew that fact. Treat yourself to sleep in…roast marshmallows, drink hot cocoa and watch tv. Happy weekend ahead!😄

    • alifesgayventure Friday December 8, 2017 at 3:13 pm #

      its the 70th anniversary of this tree giving tradition this year. roast marshmallows! we dont have an open fire anymore, so i wonder who does that tradition haha. i have tasted it, and it is really very delicious to eat marshmallows that way;.

      • Garfield Hug Friday December 8, 2017 at 4:13 pm #

        Believe it or not, lil red dotters do it at BBQs, chalets or garden parties haha! You might want to fire up the BBQ set 😉It is really yummy!

  2. alifesgayventure Friday December 8, 2017 at 5:06 pm #

    singaporeans sure know how to enjoy all the eatings. roasting marshmallows is so western, and christmassy, but that tradition has gotten lost here. and yet we find it alive and kicking in of all places a tropical island like singapore. it must be real hot sitting round a bbq, roasting it. are there people in singapore eating roast turkey too? must sweat buckets when they eat it.

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