a film called nymphomaniac vol 1 and 2

12 Dec

london 10.42am 7C sunny tuesday 2017

such a bright sunny morning today. with blue sky . and according to the weather website for my area it was -0.2c at about 8am. i woke at about 9am, but did not feel cold in the flat. we still did not need to switch on the portable heaters. i dont have central heating. we must be getting heat from downstairs. because normally we would feel the cold by now. in fact, simon cooked bacon and eggs for his breakfast and i opened the kitchen windows and the wc window just to get ventilation in the flat to remove the cooking smells. and it was not that cold.

i was up late last night, and saw a film on tv, nymphomaniac vol 1, vol 2 followed after it , at about 1am, but i was too sleepy, not to mention i was a bit bored by it . it is a strange film, made by a mainstream director, and starring some famous actors (shia la boef, uma thurman, , at least i have heard of them, which means they are really famous . but it is a movie filmed like a porno film, very explicit sex scenes. normally films never show the actual sex, but this one does, and involve famous actors too…though shia la beuf did not follow up in vol 2, and they have to use another actor to replace him.

so unusual for a mainstream director and actors to act in this sex film. no wonder it was shown so late at night. it was such a long film that they have to cut it in two parts. in between the sex scenes it was all arty farty… bringing in philosophy and even fly fishing to explain the actions of the main character…

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