news is boring

14 Dec

london 3.41pm 7.1C sunny thursday 2017

another mild day today. i had wanted to go to the free breakfast in shoreditch this morning, but i woke up at about 9.45am and it is only on from 8am-10am. so i missed that. however there is still tomorrow, so i might make that; we shall see. 

simon is cooking half the beef i bought yesterday , he is making roast beef with roast veg. so i am waiting for it to cook now. i was hoping he would cook it around 2pm, so that it will be ready by the time i got back from the library. but he waited for me to come back.

i go late to the library now, so that i dont have to fight over the newspapers with the others. haha. by the time i get there, no one is reading the papers and i can have them all to myself to read at leisure, without having to wait my turn. sometimes we get readers who really hog the papers. why they do that is a mystery because the news is really very boring, and i tend to skim through the papers rather than read every word. i do miss the old days when the newspapers were worth reading. but either i have changed or the newspapers have.

well, i am glad food is still a pleasure.

and one great pleasure is not needing to do anything. for eg, never having to buy presents. that is a great pleasure, the ‘not giving presents pleasure’ that many never allow themselves to have. some might disagree with me, and  say it is the greatest pleasure to have; buying , chosing a present to give to a loved one. but i am glad to pass on that one. haha. 

5.48pm 5.3C

i forgot that i had not posted this, even though i wrote it earlier. and i now know how to retrieve these posts in wordpress now.  well, we have eaten the roast beef, at about 5pm, or so. and very nice it was too. i was too hungry to take pictures of it.

oh, i just saw an advert by the sun newspaper about their 120pg tv guide over the christmas new year period which they say will be included in their saturday paper this coming saturday.  they were saying why buy tv guides when u can get it free just by buying the sun on saturday.

the daily mail was also advertising the same thing . in fact i do wonder why the tv guides are still selling , for about £4.50. why do people buy them when they can get the guides just by buying their daily newspapers this saturday.  i must ask john, my friend in poole who buys the tv guides. i think it is because he does not read the daily papers. so to find out what is on tv,  he buys a tv guide, one that is v cheap, about £1.50 i think. and it seems to have all the sky programs and other channels too, which he can see on his tv. so maybe that is the answer. a lot of these paid for tv guides list sky programs, and other paid up programs. whilst the newspapers guides dont list all of them. i dont have sky , and can only get freeview  so the newspaper tv guides are good enough for me. actually, i can get the tv programs online, via this link

you have to bear with the adverts that pop up , but otherwise it is a good website. but somehow i also like the paper tv guides. it is easier to see and plan the programs to watch. though to date, the sony movie channel is not listed on the paper tv guides. but also i can get all the tv programs on the tv itself. the free view box have a function that allows you to find what is showing. they even give a small synopsis of each program. but generally, the paper tv guides are still the best to plan your tv viewing.


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