going through phases.

16 Dec

london 10am 3.5C (lowest 1.5C) sunny saturday 2017. sunrise is 8am, sunset 3.51pm.

1.28pm it is cloudy now, rain earlier, and the website temperature is all over the place. some said 8C, even 12C which must be wrong. 

i was out earlier, to the marylebone library, and it was mild.

wordpress posted something i wrote at 10am, just the weather ; without me knowing of it. it does that sometimes.

now i had my lunch, just a bowl of the beef curry i made with 2 pieces of toast with margarine on it. the beef is tender, i cooked it with the pressure cooker and now i am lying on the couch with a cup of coffee near me. it is rather blissful.

when i was younger i would spend saturday shopping for high fashion clothes, i used to be a ridiculous fashion victim in those days. and would buy t shirts by versace for £80… now i recently found out his t shirts go for £500 or more. it is sure expensive to be a fashion victim now. it has taken all the fun out of being a fashion victim. but i think nowadays people get their kicks out of finding bargains and reduced priced sales. so they are able to get a lot more for their money instead of just one or two high end items. i think everyone seems to go through a phase of shopping ( some dont even leave that phase behind,) at least once in their life. 


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