days are getting to the shortest day.

18 Dec

london 2.47pm 16C sunny monday 2017

6.33pm 9C

just weird temperature today. this particular one , for berryfield road (between elephant and castle, and kennington) twice today topped 16C.

i dont have my own thermometer outside my flat, that is why i dont have my own readings. it feels mild, but then i am inside the flat (my nhs thermometer in the living room says 18C)and so i dont know what the outside feels like now. but it does not matter. if i feel it is mild, that is it, the verdict for today. haha.

i might go out to the supermarket later to feel what the weather is like and to see what is up for bargains if any. usually mondays are not a good day to go for bargains.

it is dark outside, the sun having long set at 3.52pm.  yesterday sunset time was 3.51pm. 

it is a peculiar thing that not many people observe.  i get the impression that it is the sunrise time that is bearing the brunt of the shorter days, whilst the sunset time is almost about the same…  we are getting close to the solstice, so the days shortening gets shorter and shorter, in the past it used to be 1min or more shorter each day, now i see tomorrow it will be only 19secs shorter. i have noticed this, near the time of the solstice, the days may get shorter by 1sec , and past the solstice, gets longer by 1sec and very slowly pick up speed. and all this while the world is spinning full speed and with other planets are wizzing fast through space. we are all on a great ride through space and we not even  aware of it. there is no sense of speeding through space or speeding round the planet… just that the sun seems to go rather fast across the sky and the daylight seem to go fast.

added. 11.58pm monday . 5.2C

winter solstice This year it falls on Thursday, December 21 when sunrise is at 8.03am GMT and sunset is at 3.53pm GMT. this link

sunrise today monday tuesday (just gone past midnight) is 8.02am. so even though the solstice is 3days away, the clocks barely moved, only shifted by 2mins total.


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