perfect christmas trees

20 Dec

london 6.50pm 11C night wednesday 2017

i was passing down the kings road, and was noticing the christmas trees along the road, in the square, and in the courtyards are really very densely perfectly conical, you cannot see any branches, just leaves, and so green that u think they must have sprayed it with green paint ; and symmetrically lighted and decorated. how do they do it i wonder. in fact, practically all the christmas trees i see on the street or in any public spaces are just perfect. you dont see any straggly old thing, that is dying on its feet. no mean feat, because they must have been up for a long time, weeks, and still are green and alive looking.

i was reminded about how we take all this for granted when i read here of rome’s dying tree… looking very woebegone. haha. it seems they did not cover it properly to protect it against the cold when they took it down the dolomites where it came from. the frost had killed it. and it is shedding its pine leaves.

there must be a skill in this, transporting and keeping the tree alive and healthy, even though it is cut down and there are no roots and no soil for it to feed on. 

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