a cup that has a built in thermostat to keep drinks at the same temperature

21 Dec


i read this about a smartcup that keeps your drink at a constant temperature so it does not go cold. i thought it is a good idea… and all thanks to a smart cup… that is part of the internet of things IOT that everyone says will be the future. at first you might think you dont need this cup, but i was thinking it would be nice to have. this is because i drink my coffee , or tea very slowly… and it gets cold. and i have to get up and put it in the microwave to heat it up . and then it gets too hot, and i then have to wait, and then i forget to drink it and it gets cold and repeat… so i would like to have this cup .

another way is a low tech way. just have a hot pad near by to put the cup on . or have those old fashioned coffee percolators that have a heated base to keep the coffee warm. you only pour out a small amount of coffee each time, so that u drink it all at one go.

this smart cup needs a smart phone to control it, or adjust the temperature…though if u like it at its factory setting, you might not bother to connect it to a smartphone. just use it on its default temperature setting.

but in the end, it might be easier to just use the microwave to heat it up. in the past before microwaves were invented it was a bit of bother to put it on the stove and heat it using gas or electricity… it took up time, but with the microwave, it can be very quick to warm it up.

added. 21.12.17. i made a cup of hot coffee and realise that it is not really all that great to have a smartcup. its just nice to have a piping hot cup of coffee and sip it, and just savour the heat coming from the cup, and then drink it bit by bit as it cools a bit, but i would finish off the cup before it ever gets cold… because i now use a small cup to make my coffee instead of a huge mug. that is the secret… use a small cup. 

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