winter solstice today

21 Dec

london 10.09am 11.1C rain sunrise8.03am,sunset 3.53pm thursday 2017

Length of Day 7 h 49 m
Tomorrow will be 0 minutes 0 seconds longer
so does it mean tomorrow will also be the shortest day? it is the first time i have ever noticed two consecutive days with the same length.

its a very warm winter solstice this year. 11C in london practically all night .

i checked stonehenge station near amesbury just now  and it too was 11c with sunrise 8.08am and sunset 4.01pm, and same tomorrow. so those druids who welcomed the day there in  their sunrise ritual today will have a pleasant time and not too cold. today’s druids are not at all related to the olden day druids. the old religion have gone. replaced by christianity. though i think santa claus, the christmas tree, mistletoe, yule log, may have the whiff of  old pagan rites to them. i think it is a good excuse to have fun and laughter and colour and lights and food in our lives in winter , nevermind the religious or paganistic associations. 

today is a significant day for nature. the longest night of the year. winter is here….you can look at it that way, or you can be like me. i look at it as now we have got to the bottom and the days will now get longer and longer…the sun will ride higher and higher in the sky from tomorrow… and that is a good thing… of course if u live within the arctic circle , then tough shit. ahha.

i guess when it gets much colder later on in jan, people can at least think that the days are getting longer and we are marching on to spring.

not being farmers we ordinary folks , esp those of us who live in cities wont be affected much , as we get lots of street lights to light up our nights and we dont have to look after our animal lifestock. and the city is always warmer than the surrounding country…and the supermarket is always stocked full of food. 

what we will notice i suspect is that the bills will thud through our letter boxes haha. jan feb are always the months when price rises, and the credit card bills start arriving. and the boiler start acting up, the central heating leaks, the water pipes freeze up, haha. and the car packs up. so the savvy ones amongst us will be storing up ammunition (by which i mean money) in preparation for it. hoho. 

added. 4.05pm 12.3C. the sun has set but it is strangely bright out there. i can see a patch of sky just from my window… lit up rosy red by the setting sun, which has gone under the horizon, but still casting its rays onto the clouds above my flat. quite a nice effect. giving everything a rosy tinge. 


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