last np electricity bill

22 Dec

london 11.55am 11.6C sunny friday 2017

sunset 8.04am, sunset 3.04pm

today my np (national power) bill came for the final two months. 1oct-1dec 2017

181kwh @ 0.1667p/kwh  £30.18

i move to brilliant energy from 2dec. actually i took the reading on 27nov. so not really 1dec as they say.

58days the actual period used.



i use electricity only for cooking and lighting. i dont have gas supply. i dont have any heating on. not needed. 

this is just for my own records. 

added 2.25pm 15.1C sunny . i am glad i got rid of my gas supply . a letter came today by the housing people to my estate, asking me to give evidence i got a gas certificate for the flat. so i had the enormous satisfaction of going to the office and handing them my letter that says i dont have gas in the flat. this requirement to have a gas safety certificate is a new thing.

in the past we are not required by law to have one… unless you rent out your flat. i think even now private owners dont need one. i asked ian who lives in a flat in a terrace house that has been converted into  5 flats , and they are their own management tells me he dont have a certificate, he dont even have his boiler serviced . i think they may well bring in a law to force people to do so. the dangers from a gas mishap is quite real. i think that is why the estate management of my estate is now trying to get it done for all the flats in the estate. i have lived here for 27yrs and it is only now that i got a letter asking me to show i have  a gas safety certificate for my flat.

the trouble with gas is that for your own safety,  u need to have a annual inspection of all your gas appliances, (i did not do so when i had a gas heater in the past,  but it is a gamble really) that means boiler and that means money. because no gas man is going to do that free. then on top of that, you have to pay for him to service your boiler… he wont give u a gas certificate till he gets that done… more money for him… and he most probably will find something wrong with it, and you have to pay for repairs…it is an endless money money money cycle. 

3.36pm 16.1C. simon went to the sainsburys and bought a duck and now we are having duck. and we got a friend,ian , who i had arranged to meet this afternoon at the virgin lounge, so we asked him to come to my flat instead and he can eat the duck. 

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