christmas eve

24 Dec

london 9.42pm 10.6C (rained earlier, dry now) christmas eve sunday 2017

the day is almost over, for me anyway, as i dont party. i wonder whether anyone goes out partying on christmas eve. i dont recall i did, even in my partying heydays because the next day is totally without transport, so how is anyone going to get home?

so no one goes out partying till the early hours on christmas eve. many nightclubs will not open tonight. or finish at 10pm. i checked my favorite sex club that i used to go to and find they close at 10pm today…i think they do it every christmas eve, close early i mean, but i have not gone to them for so long, i forgot about it. i see the entry is £9 now instead of £7. it includes a free drink and free cloakroom check-in.  quite reasonable i think. and their new year eve party is £11 before 7pm, £16 after.

i went to the virgin lounge earlier today, as the library is closed (from today to 27dec) and so it was a good place to read the sunday paper… they take the sunday times and the observer. it was only when i was at the bus stop waiting for the bus 88 after the lounge that i saw a chinese lady with the chinese calendar given by new loon moon, that it reminded me that i should have dropped by the chinatown grocers to see what they have got reduced… if any… but the bus was coming soon, so i did not go.

there were people walkng on the pavements all along the route through trafalgar square and parliament square and i wondered if they were all tourists, and if so, what make them come here to london near christmas day… do they know that most of  the shops shut on christmas day and no tubes or buses are running? or are they here for the boxing day and new year sales. 

i had intended to go to the tesco in kennington, instead. but when i got there it amazed me to find that the shelves were empty , there were no whole chicken at all, all sold out. almost all the other meat were gone. i have not been to late shopping on christmas eve before, and now i realise why. people just go mad and buy everything in sight. there were lots of people too doing their shopping, even though it was about an hour before they close. that was a surprise to me, that so many will do last minute grocery shopping like this. i took the bus to the sainsburys in pimlico. and it only has small whole chickens and not many. it seems a lot of people are having chicken dinners for their christmas meal, rather than turkey.  i saw lots of bread reduced to 39p and did not buy them as i thought the reduction is not much. i thought why dont they just reduce it to 10p or 8p like the other supermarkets do when it is so late and the shop is closing. but i found two warburton wholemeal loaves 800mg with 2p tags on them. i thought it was a mistake, but took them to the self service till anyway, and the first one that i scanned did show it was 2p, but the other did not, showing its full price of £1.25, so i asked the assistant, and he cancelled that and asked me to scan the previous one instead… so that is how i went away with 2p loaves of bread. it is the cheapest price i ever paid for bread. anyway it is nice things like this that make it fun to do grocery shopping in london.

so i did not have a chicken meal today, but no matter. i just rustled up a stir fried brocolli/cauliflower with pork on rice. 

2 Responses to “christmas eve”

  1. Garfield Hug Monday December 25, 2017 at 11:52 am #

    Merry Christmas my friend!! Thanks for your WP friendship and may 2018 bring you happiness, peace and joy always! Cheers to more great freebies that you can enjoy. 😊👍🎁💕🎄🎈

  2. alifesgayventure Monday December 25, 2017 at 2:02 pm #

    and the ferwent wish of happiness and good health to you from me too. many thanks for the WP friendship and chitchats and jokes.

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