christmas day

25 Dec

london 2.02pm 10.8C cloudy xmas day monday 2017

this day is spent watching tv… haha. binge watching. and taking naps in between. its very stress free, but with no shops open at all, there is no reason to go out. and the sun has not come out, so there is not even the temptation of catching some sun by sitting in the park benches for it.

so just as well we got so much tv to watch. with all this clear sharp pictures and brilliant colours , it is quite a joy to watch tv. those of us who have recorders might even be able to get to see box sets and pay- to -view films. so even more glued to the set than me.

oh i know how others will be spending their day today…plenty will be online buying stuff… the day of the sales start today online. so you can get a day ahead of others to bag bargains before the boxing day sales. i see an advert selling 55inch tv for about £500. it is still a lot to pay but i guess when it was £800 before, it is a big price cut. i have a 40inch and it is a very nice size. it is 3yrs old. no reason to upgrade. i dont think i will ever want to see anything on a smaller size tv screen now.

there are a lot of furniture adverts i see. every year we get them, makes u wonder who are the buyers. furniture is not something u buy every year is it?

i wonder how those who have to have their starbucks coffee get on. how are they going to get their daily fix today? are there any branches open today… ?  i got an email from a hamburger place saying half price if i use deliveroo or another delivery company. i wonder if they still work on this day. maybe not, because the restaurants are not working so they wont be able to get the food. yet today must be the one day when many would like to have their food cooked and delivered. or maybe not… everyone would have some frozen food stocked up in their fridge.

i was just thinking that if i were in malaysia, or thailand, i shall be able to go out to eat as all the hawkers stalls will be opened as usual. but then the tv programs in those countries are not as good as here. 


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