boxing day

26 Dec

london 7.08pm 7.8C rain tuesday 2017

its really lovely that the buses are running and the shops are open. i can see why it can be nice , shopping, and transport , it is a way of having things to do, and finding new things to see. all those items for sale, and the buzz of all those people have its own stimulation. it seems to me life is  having stimulations… and there is nothing like things, food, sightseeing, to fill up our senses of sight, touch, taste, emotions, hearing, and what is the other one, i forgot.

yesterday where there was nothing to do, is nice, but i can see it can get boring if it is everyday. so thank goodness it is only one day of the year we get this day when everything in  the country  stops and is shut. some might say it is one day too many.  i dont think any other country does this, shut down the country like the uk does with christmas. though come to think of it, with online commerce still open on christmas day, even then it is no more that the uk is close for shopping.

i was out today, just happy to be able to go out and catch a bus and get to soho, and look at people shopping. i went into that department store in picadilly circus, lillywhites. been ages since i go in there. the first thing i saw was a huge pile of discarded shoe boxes by the entrance, and i saw the street sweeper telling people not to dump it there because he has to clear it… in the end he still have to deal with that pile. when i came out he was putting them in huge plastic bags. i only went in to the ground floor, just to see what is it like. one section was shoes, trainers, the other section was men clothing… i did not see a lot of sales reductions. the prices seem to be normal… at least i did not see any with slashed prices and showing the new lower prices. there were only a price for one item, and a buy 2 for a lower price but not by much. i did not go into the trainers shoes section. maybe the prices there are slashed more , if those dumped shoe boxes are any indication.

it does seem a waste to give a shoe box with every  sale of trainers. people will just throw it away. not much other use for shoe boxes is there. they are so well made, that somehow you feel you should make them have other uses, not just throw them away. 

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