what is the future of print newspapers..,

27 Dec

london 2.45pm 4.2C rain earlier, dry now. wednesday 2017

looks like the mild weather ( hovering about 11C all day and night) we have been having is coming to an end. the temperature is dropping. no snow in london, but it seems there is snow up north. the air felt very fresh, with the lovely nip in the air. it is something to enjoy. 

i went to the library today to enjoy the backlog of newspapers. not as many as in the past. i can remember  those olden days when it will take all the major newspapers. now this branch in victoria just take the telegraph, the times, and the daily mail. other branches take only one newspaper… and today, i see they have stopped the paper for those 3 days that they are closed. it looks like the library is not ordering all of them when it is closed these 3days… but it does not matter really. there is nothing older than old news. haha.

i can see why people  lament that the good old days are gone, but nowadays newspapers are not as good as they used to be. so it is not really a great loss that the library is not taking all of them.

it is the common perception that the daily newspapers are dying… they are losing money. the advertising money is leaving them for the internet. and investigative journalism is dying too.

i dont really know what the future will be with news and newspapers. will print newspapers disappear? i hope not, but maybe we will get a flexible graphic tablet that can be turned like a newspaper , saves on paper, whilst still mimicking a paper newspaper. though right now we can get the paper on a tablet, if u subscribe to it. or nevermind that, we can get the paper on our  laptop now. and some we dont even need to pay a subscription. i like the physical paper, but i wonder if that is something that will be history in future. 

6.58pm 3.5C rain .

i thought i had posted the post, but it would seem i have not. so i have retrieved it, and am posting it now. i am seeing a tv program, stargate. this one is a film about the characters  being sent into an alternate universe.

it makes me wonder what our future might be…all of us living in this time and space.  will paper newspapers exist anymore or what. but one of the characters in the universe that replaced their old one  said he wont help them get back their old universe , he said it means killing off all the millions who lived in this one, if they brought back their old universe and time line… unless of course there are multiple universes. in which case everyone exists, except they all exist in all the multiple universes. it is a difficult idea to grasp or imagine.

i think time travel , multiple universes are a minefield to grasp. i cannot imagine it. i am sure we all have thought what we would have become, if we had done an alternate thing, rather than chosen this path. what would we have become? and what kind of life would we be living in.


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