I like mine cut into triangles :) — YA MA DONKEY

30 Dec

dont think anyone is fighting over how to cut the sandwiches, but i like the look of 1, but when i cut them i cut  like 2. its easier.  all the store bought sandwiches are cut like 1. and they do look appetising when cut in triangles.

london 11.44am 13.7C sunny saturday 2017

i am expecting a friend to come today to stay over the new year celebrations. he lives in bournemouth. he had told me he will be coming, but not know when, as he is hoping to find some cheaper tickets, so last night, at near midnite, i got a call from him on the landline phone. he was lucky to get me, as usually i will be in the bedroom, either reading or asleep. he said he will be arriving in victoria station at 2.30pm. i hope he managed to get cheap tickets  for it, but i doubt it. when i looked online, it was £48 one way to travel today. 


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