star wars last jedi

31 Dec

london 9.03am 12.9C rain. sunday 2017

yesterday, my friend came to stay at my place. he is from bournemouth. i thought he came by train, but he came by express coach. he bought a £35 ticket and was charged an extra £5 as a holiday surcharge when he boarded it. the train would have cost him £48. so it just goes to confirm that it is not really wise to travel on a public holiday weekend.

he said he got 2 guest tickets from the manager as he is such a long time member of the odean club. so we went at about 5.30pm to the odean leicester square and got circle seats, plus free 3D glasses. it was a premier night it seems, but we never did see any celebrities. it will be the first time i get to go inside this cinema, and to see a film in 3D. 

we got time to kill before the film starts, so my friend said he wanted to eat something so we went to wong kei, and went upstairs, where they were putting people in shared tables. the wait was short which shows how efficient they are at rapid turnovers of the tables. my friend ordered ‘prawn’ crackers, had a soup, £3.50, and we shared a plate of ho fun noodles with seafood/pork £6.80. my friend said his soup was very salty. the bill came to £12.70. and i entertained myself by watching what the others who shared the table were ordering and how they ate it.

i think they charge more for upstairs diners. the menu they show outside in the shop window do not have the same price as the ones we got upstairs, which makes me think it is the price they charge if u are on the ground floor, which they reserve for lone diners. unless today is the new year weekend, and so prices rise for it. 

so now for the film… star wars the last jedi. my first impression of the cinema is that the screen is not very big. that surprised me. and the 3D glasses are tinted so it dims the picture for the viewer. and i noticed it is very dramatic , the 3D effect, but it means if u take off the glasses and watch the film without, it is blurred… so u have to watch it with glasses. it costs £1 to buy one, but we got it free with the guest pass. 

i have read this film grossed worldwide the 2nd highest of the year after beauty and the beast, and may well surpass it at the year’s end. but what surprised me was to find that it  only opened on 14 dec. and today 30dec is it premier. i must have missed something… how did it manage to gross so much on such a short time? well, someone left their tickets on the chair  and i saw it cost them £25.60 for one ticket….! so that is how… haha. but maybe this is a 3D ticket so it is unusually highpriced. the normal price for a ticket in this cinema according to the list outside the door is £13.50 for an adult.

but what about the film, is it any good? it is very confusing and very loud. there are lots of side plots. all the characters do not appear in the same scene to act against each other… instead they all have their own set, in stories where they interact with only one other or two other of the characters.

i have not seen the previous ones, so may not know the underlying story to the characters. the chinese girl is a mystery to me. what is that about? maybe they want to bring in all the races to be represented  and she is not even the same girl who sacrificed herself; being the sister instead.

it was nice to see carrie fisher, with a sense of sorrow as we know she had died before the film came out. this is her last film. though i suspect the producers will bring her up in future films resurrecting her image and cleverly photoshopping her in with the latest actors…

in fact, it just brings to mind how much i miss hans solo…that character pulls the first star war film together. and without him , it kind of lost the plot. to think this is the 8th film rendition of the franchise. disney has bought it and we will be getting a few more out and by the look of it the public seem to want to see it. there are a lot of die hard fans of the series. added. 10.32am, it seems i am not the only one who yearn for the hans solo character to be resurrected. it seems they are making a movie about him , coming out in 25may 2018.

added. oh , we were walking back from the cinema to the bus stop and we saw a £5 note on the sidewalk. it had been raining, and the pavement was wet, but the note being plastic was intact. the plastic note is very springy and so it is easy for it to be sprung out of the wallet when u pull another note out.  that might explain why it is lying on the pavement… we might see more such plastic notes on the ground in future. .

my friend have a talent in drawing to him money lying around for him to find. anyway i gave it to him, to offset the costs he incurred with the meal.

he found an oyster card too, which he used for the bus trip to leicester square.  it had £2.80 on it, so £1.50 was used for one journey, but on the return he got a free ticket, because the buses have this policy of allowing you a free ride if the balance is not enough to pay full fare , you are supposed to pay it off when u top it up. 

added 4.59pm. i found this link that gives a bit of the back story and makes a bit more sense of the story. it is a bit of spoiler alert so if u dont want to know skip it. 

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