house guest

3 Jan

london 4.57pm 10.2C night wednesday 2017 2018

its been extra mild these few days. just as well, for my friend, because i dont have the heating , and i dont have hot water bottles ever since the last one sprung a leak and i could not find any hot water bottles on sale cheap anymore. there seem to be a built in leakage design in hot water bottles. they dont seem to last long. i dont suppose anyone will design a leak proof hot water bottle as they wont be in business for long if they do. but it has been so mild i dont feel the need to have one so that is good. 

my friend had gone back now. he left at about 1pm, to catch his bus at 2pm. he was not well the whole time he was here. so he stayed in and just rested which i think is best for him because he got better at the end of his stay. he told me he is glad to be able to rest here, because he is going back to lots of things to do, appointments and what not, but i think a lot of it is just his own doing. he is not working and survives on benefit, so i dont quite see what is there for him to be busy about. and this is not being sarcastic or anything. i think the other side of the coin to being on benefits which a lot of people dont talk about is that you dont really have work stress. you just have to learn how to manage the money you get from the govt. 

but when i see his spending i can see why people keep saying they dont have any money… he buys a lot of rubbish and very expensive rubbish at that… mainly sweet things, and processed foods. fizzy drinks too. but i guess that is how he wants to live his life. of course i dont tell him not to do it, it is not my place to tell him how to live his life. he is gone now so i can get back to my routine. lovely.

 today i went to meet up with a bunch of ex chinese and western guys , who were ex members of a defunct club we belonged to for gay east -west people. most of them seem to have holidays booked. haha. i dont envy them, as i like living in london. but some of them are going to singapore/malaysia, thailand, south cyprus. others have comeback from their holidays. so lots of that going on in the group. travel is a big thing to while the time away for so many people. 

after the meetup, i decided to go to the sainsbury to redeem my nectar points. i got 5000points and i shall use up 2000 , because if you dont use them up after a year, they take it away. haha. so 2000 points equals £10. i got a huge pack of shoulder pork, 2.3kg, as well as milk powder, asam loose tea125mg for £1.50 (they expire in nov 2018 that is why. used to be the normal price was £1.50, but now the price has been increased to £1.75). my usual darjeeling tea is now £1.75. i shall try this asam, and see if i like it. but it takes me quite a long time to finish this loose tea pack. 8months i think. added. i looked up the expense account, and find that it is actually 15months. so this pack that is now finishing has lasted me that long a time. it is amazing that it lasts so long. but i have my tea very weak and i like it. so that means i use only one small teaspoon of tea everytime i make a pot. and even then i have a refill of the whole pot again before the tea loses its strength. i find very strong tea is not delicious. the acidity in it is too pronounced and the subtle flavour of it is lost. i would even go to say that a real tea drinker who appreciates tea will not drink very strong tea.

and definitely will not add milk or suger to it. and now i shall be pedantic and say anyone who adds milk and suger to the tea is not a serious tea drinker. haha. (hides behind a wall as pots and pans come crashing towards me from irate tea drinkers.hehe.)

i got a spare pack of that darjeeling tea  but unfortunately simon got to it, and he uses a lot of tea… so much so that when i went looking for it, i find he has used up the whole pack. that is why i am buying a new pack today… 


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