death in paradise

4 Jan

london 7.17pm 9.6C night thursday 2017 2018

7.6C rain 10.15pm

its raining quite heavy outside the flat. must be part of that storm eleanor that i keep hearing about. but it is not windy so is it a storm? can you call that a storm when it is not strong winds? ah well, it does not matter as i am indoors and out of it. haha. it must have brought in some warm weather because it hit 13C high and 7.6C low , mild for this time of year. this is in london. i dont bother with up north. people living there must bear that cross of cold weather if they live there. if they are adaptable, they would find themselves enjoying the cold weather and used to it. 

just saw the first film in the new series of death in paradise on tv, with arlon o’hanlon. it is good, quite a surprise ending and arlon’s character is a nice one, different from the other actors who did this role. lovely to see all that sunshine and beach and colour and greenery when we are having winter here. 

though from this article it is not so easy filming there, because of the humidity. (beware, spoiler alert if u click on the link in there that talks of the first episode which i have just seen).

at least the arlon character is not dressed in a suit, which must be murder for the previous actor who was richard poole, the first detective, who had to wear one throughout his scenes.

it seems the cast and crew  all have to live there (in quadalope) for 5months whilst filming takes place. you might think that would be lovely, but i can understand the previous actor giving up the role.

i can live in london all year, and never feel i want to be somewhere else, but i think if i were to go there, i will want to leave after a month, or even 2wks.  there dont seem to be much to do there, and even lying on the beach and having all the sun can be too much after some time. i bet their tv programs are not as good as what we can get in uk.

2 Responses to “death in paradise”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday January 5, 2018 at 4:38 am #

    I thought UK has been hit with a cold front and it seems it has not affected your part of UK. Lucky for you. I heard on news that electricity supply is also affecting some households to be without it. Thank goodness you are ok and still with internet access. Happy Friday!

  2. alifesgayventure Friday January 5, 2018 at 5:41 am #

    its all happening up north.
    to us londoners, or to me anyway, anything north of watford is the north. i see it reported in the papers, but it is like the north is a different country. haha. or perhaps i should say london is a different country weatherwise from the rest of the uk.

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