just doing the tourist thing

6 Jan

london 5.20pm 6C overcast , night saturday  2017 2018

its the weekend so it is nice to have an excuse to go to brick lane and its environments and just make bus trips around london. i went to the marylebone library first, to read the papers and then went to brick lane.

its just that today  a veggi canteen near brick lane is supposedly giving away free vegan cupcakes. but when i got there, two woman were ahead of me and asking for it, and i saw what was given to them, a very small cupcake.  in fact they were tiny , and i mean tiny, it looks like a big crumb that was how tiny it was…so i decided not to bother getting one. haha. and so i just wandered about the area looking at people and see what they are up to.

there are a lot of pop up food stalls. but pricey, at £7, and not only around the brick lane area, competing with the curry houses , but also in a covered market called smiths field, ( i think it was an old fresh food market that has been gentrified and now have restaurants and stuff, but also has market stalls, selling clothes and stuff, and pop up food stalls. )

there were lots of people milling about as brick lane is quite well known as a eating and shopping place. but i have noticed at the top end there used to be a run down area where there are lots of bargain stalls, and 2nd hand goods being sold, but they are gone now. the goods were just spread out on the ground in a jumble and it was fun to rummage in it and find strange stuff.  i guess they are known for selling stolen stuff, and that might be the reason why they have been cleared… its all gone now, and the area is now rather sanitised.

it was more fun to browse around in the old days. i dont know whether the curry houses are making money… they all seem to employ barkers, individuals standing outside their premises drumming up customers. though the busiest place i saw was a upmarket fish and chips sit- down place just off the main road that runs along the liverpool st station.

  it was lunch time so not surprising so many of the visitors there are crowding the food stalls instead of the clothes and knickknacks stalls. so it seems the best form of business to do in these places is to run a food stall, or drinks stall, at least you will be sure of getting business.

no body there was bringing their own prepared food and eating it. at least i did not see any. perhaps they all want something hot, as it was cold-ish. so eating a cold sandwich may not be so tempting. the busiests pop up was a man selling hot dogs. half length for £3, full length one for £6.

i of course know that i can nip back easily to cook something hot so was not tempted as easily as them. but i have no doubt that if i were a visitor to london, i will definitely be buying something hot to eat. i have the impression that many of those there are tourists.

strangely there was not a single macD or burger king to be seen there.



Digital StillCamera

a quick stir fry that i made just now. i did not feel hungry strangely enough… i just had porridge for breakfast, but it must be very filling, as it is only now about 6pm, that i ate.

its very pleasant to just take a wander around london, i just need an excuse however flimsy to make me do it. somehow just going out and wander around without a reason seems rather unattractive. most would take as an excuse to buy a coffee. or buy lunch, or buy some clothes. so that would be the excuse for going out and wander about. if u are not a tourist, where u dont need an excuse to wander around, seeing that being a tourist is all the reason you need, but with us living here, we do need something to get us out. 


One Response to “just doing the tourist thing”

  1. juliehcares Saturday January 6, 2018 at 11:15 pm #

    That’s great that you’re out there!

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