no medical intervention

11 Jan

london 12.41pm 8C rain 2018 thursday.

i read this in the letters page of the daily telegraph today. it is a sobering thought. his mother is in ‘end of life’ care, having opted for no medical intervention. he said he has power of attorney and have given his permission for her.

but he says ‘i wonder if anyone knows the true meaning of no medical intervention. it means not only no medical treatment or hospital admittance, but also withdrawal of food and water. the nurses are not even allowed to moisten the patient’s lips. when i visited my mother’s friend yesterday, i found her unable to move or speak. however i know that she could hear me, because when i spoke with her she clutched my hand. i told her to squeeze my hand if she was in pain or frightened, and she did so. it could be a number of days before her death. ‘

so he was not talking of his mother but of her friend who he told us earlier was his mother’ oldest and dearest friend , in a nursing home aged 96. she had a stroke a few days ago and is in end of life care, having opted for no medical intervention. and is not given any food or water. having a stroke is not necessarily lead to death quickly… so it does make u think about giving out a blanket instruction of no medical intervention in your will or life will. it is frightening thought isn’t it? maybe stipulate that u must be brain dead before they follow the do not resuscitate rule, rather than opt for no medical intervention. ask for do not resuscitate. it seems u have to chose your words very carefully when giving life instructions on future care. i can tell you that i would not have thought that ‘no medical intervention’ means ‘not giving food and drink’ to the patient. nor ‘not giving morphine to relieve pain’. 

2 Responses to “no medical intervention”

  1. juliehcares Thursday January 11, 2018 at 8:17 pm #

    I have a do not resuscitate order for myself. No medical intervention sounds like they want to die!

  2. alifesgayventure Thursday January 11, 2018 at 8:29 pm #

    i wonder if people make a mistake by asking for ‘no medical intervention’ when they mean ‘do not resuscitate’. most people mean do not resuscitate if brain dead…or suffering from an incurable physical or mental disease. or at least that is what i think they mean. perhaps they should add that to clarify things. dont assume the doctor knows what you mean. haha.

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