old friend

12 Jan

london 1.03pm 7.6C overcast. friday 2018

i have this friend who is in his 80s who had told me he is stressed out doing simple things on his laptop. like for eg, he said it took him 3hrs to pay a parking ticket fine via online. he said it is too small the words so he finds it hard to see, even using a magnifying glass. it straight away gave me an inkling of why he is finding it so hard… he is not savvy about computers otherwise he would know that he can change the font size of the words in his computer, or tablet…anyway i told him to ask me to come round next time you have this problem, and let me see if i can help. and so he asked me to go see him at his flat today at 11am. he uses a tablet and microsoft computer, both of which i am not familiar with, so i am not sure if i can help out. but i shall try. 

but i slept late and woke up at 10.30am, and was rushing around thinking i am going to be late. but when i opened my mobile to see if there are any messages, i saw one from him, stating that he forgot his hospital appointment today and have to cancel our meet and meet on monday instead.

it was close to 11am by the time i got to read that message so it was a great relieve to me to text him back saying it is ok, monday is good. 

i am so glad that i dont have to rush about to get to him today. and suddenly instead of a day of rushing about, i suddenly find myself with lots of time on my hands.

 i realise i am not good for early morning meets. even though i usually wake at about 7am… it is just that today i thought i shall lie in a bit, rather than wake up at 7am and have so much time to kill before going to him at about 10am. by which time i know i shall be rather sleepy.

so afternoons will be better timing… i text him saying i prefer our monday meet be after 2pm.

it is also a day when i get a free lunch from a restaurant that is doing a promotion. it is between 11am -2.30pm . it is a indian restaurant, but a fusion one, not a traditional indian restaurant. rola wala, it is called, and u could go to their website and get an invite from them via email for a free lunch on that day 15 jan. it is for one of their vegetarian dishes.

i am wondering if my friend might like to go, but i dont know.with old people you sometimes wonder if it might be too taxing for them…i hope i wont be tired out to go out just because i am 80, but who knows, at that age, it might be everything is an effort. now you know why people dont ask 80 yr olds out, because they just fear that it might be too tiring for them.

generally for these freebies, i like to go on my own, that way i can go whenever i like, instead of having to coordinate meeting times with another person. 

3 Responses to “old friend”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday January 12, 2018 at 1:38 pm #

    Really kind of you to help this 80 year out! Blessings!☺

  2. juliehcares Friday January 12, 2018 at 4:02 pm #

    You know it’s my job but I enjoy spending time with the elderly.

  3. alifesgayventure Friday January 12, 2018 at 4:44 pm #

    this 80yr old is a friend of mine, so it is natural to help him. but i would find it difficult to befriend a stranger who is that old. i have a feeling they wont understand me. i find i cannot understand what others say too, and i am not yet 80, so i figure older people must suffer the same hearing loss that i have, how much more must those old people not hear what people are saying. sometimes i wonder if old people react so slowly to what is said, may not be due to slower reflexes, but incomprehension to what is said, and they are trying to guess what they are supposed to do or to answer. that is why you get such long pauses when u ask someone old a question. they are trying to guess what u said. and are too shy to tell you to repeat it, becuase they cannot understand a word of what u just said. haha.

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