spitfire model plane

13 Jan

london 2.51pm 8C cloudy but bright saturday 2018





this is the kit today’s daily mail is giving out with a voucher to present at whsmith. to celebrate 100 yrs of the RAF.  i daresay it is quite complicated to assemble. but i got it for its glue. i was thinking that glue might come in useful for other things. 

i wonder if  kids still play with these, and make models like this. somehow with our computers and computer games i would think today’s kids would not bother with it. maybe it appeals to their dads. haha. 

added. 8.31pm 6.8C dark now. i woke at 7pm and thought it was sunday. i had forgotten what time i went to sleep, it was about 3.30pm, and simon was in bed with me, sleeping. that was why i thought it was sunday allready. but it was still saturday and the day is not over. my perception of time is different now that i dont have a regular work-leisure timetable to order my days. 

added. 10.35pm. 5.2C dry.

i read this article saying today we wont be charged for paying by credit or debit cards. in the past, companies can put a charge on it, because they say they have to pay the credit card company a percentage fee for the use of the card. now they cannot charge it on the customer anymore. however, they can be allowed to increase their prices of everything or increase their service charge to everyone… as long as they include everyone. so i suspect all prices will go up by that percentage and/or like the delivery company called justeat  put a service charge of 50p on everyone, instead of only people paying by credit or debit cardscards. now everyone will pay it, even those who pay cash.

this system as been in operation in the supermarkets and all retail shops for years….  cash payers like me never get a discount for paying cash even though the prices charged have been hiked up as they assume everyone pays for it by credit card. now all they have done is to extend that system to every company.

what might be interesting is if companies now say cash buyers can get a discount… like a chinatown restaurant that does this, 15% discount if you pay cash.

the trouble is this… handling cash is bothersome for companies. not only fear of theft from their own employees, but also for being raided by gangs on their premises , or mugged on the way to the bank to bank all that cash everyday… and i am not sure customers are that attracted to eat in these restaurants for that discount. i would, but then i am not your usual customer.

but what is more likely is that some  businesses may stop accepting credit cards as payment, for eg, the inland revenue… maybe the inland revenue is a special case and no one else will follow them.

maybe more businesses might opt for cash only… though i doubt this new procedure will get more recruits… those who do so will allready be doing it just to avoid credit card costs in the first place. by rights we should all be looking out for and patronising cash only businesses… in that their prices should be lower than those who accept cards. 

added. 19.1.18 friday. a consequence of that decision, it seems small businesses and corner shops may be forced to stop taking credit card payments but want cash only. maybe it might make cash king again. 

4 Responses to “spitfire model plane”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Saturday January 13, 2018 at 4:09 pm #

    Make models ? I am 68 years old and enjoy making the WW 1 biplane model airplanes esp the German ones as they can be painted so brightly colored with so many different actual markings. Battle of Britain 1940, the Spitfire saved England and diverted Hitler to attack Russia and turning point when stopped.

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday January 13, 2018 at 7:38 pm #

    haha, so i am right. it appeals to their dads. the biplanes sounds rather more complicated to assemble. and there is the painting too. i forgot that u need to do that as well. how come we never get to see your collection of ww1 biplanes? i was thinking maybe the fun is playing with them, after u made them, but i have a suspicion that they dont get played with after they are made.

    • Carl D'Agostino Saturday January 13, 2018 at 8:51 pm #

      Yes, they remain dust collectors on the shelves. Reminds I must get tech support for my simple cell phone. I connect with wire to computer to display pics but won’t recognize/accept usb.

  3. juliehcares Sunday January 14, 2018 at 4:18 am #

    I did them with my son when he was little. I usually use cash for everything because I find it easier since my mom has had her credit card number stolen (not the card, just the number) 3 times within a month.

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