newspapers and meat and vegie

16 Jan

london 10.52am sunny 6.9C tuesday 2017

a lovely morning today, blue sky and sunshine. 

8.22pm 4.6C dry night

i went out earlier just to enjoy the nice day. went to the paddington library just to vary my routine instead of going to the victoria library. also, that library in victoria is getting busier, (i think because it is so near the coach station and attracts passengers from there whiling away the time before their buses leave) and also there is one person who likes to hog the daily mail. he just takes a long time to read it.

but i find when i did get to the paddington library i lost interest in reading the papers. just read today’s daily mail and the times. actually i should read the guardian too, because they have very recently changed their format, and become a tabloid in a desperate measure to cut cost. but i forgot. i saw a copy of the guardian at the supermarket before i went to the library,  and apart from the fact that their front heading is so insignificant, that it took me more than a moment to recognise it is the guardian, even though i got it in my hands, i noticed that the words have gotten really small. it is a real difficulty to read it, at least for me… and i got my glasses on. i am sure it must be a bother for older guys to read it… 

i find i have got out of the habit of reading the papers now. i get my news online and that seems to satisfy me nowadays. i should imagine it bodes very ill for the printed newspapers of every persuasion, if people get out of the habit of reading the physical printed papers. 

i got an email today telling me about this new restaurant, called mao chow, and its menu put their meat dishes in quotes… for eg, ‘pork’ and chives dumpling. until i realise it is a fake meat vegetarian restaurant…

there are so many vegetarian restaurants, yet according to this tv program i see on tv now, called the truth about meat, 98% of us eat meat. so how do vegetarian eating places make money??? i have a feeling that the profit margins is better with these vegie restaurants. these vegie meat- like products are cheaper than real meat, easier to store, and keep, they have a longer shelf life, and no danger of bacteria contamination…and they can still charge as much as for meat. so what is there to lose right?

when he ask the people to find what dishes they have to eat to make up to what a piece of steak has, they found that to get the same nutrition, they have to eat hell of a lot of a variety of stuff, and lots more of it.

that meat is nutritionally very dense, and what is more, easily digested by the body… for eg to get the iron from spinach you have to eat vit C with it to enable the body to digest it… whilst it gets digested and absorbed from beef by the body very easily.. 

what they finally found out is that processed meat is the bad boy. so i guess i was right to stick to meat and very little processed foods, of any kind. whether meat or whatever.

and they found out that there is no nutritional difference between expensive chicken and the cheapest chickens. so i give u full permission to eat the cheapest bargain chicken… haha. of course they did not assess how nice they taste. some might say taste is not only subjective, but also depands on how you cook them… depands on your skill as a cook. by rights a good cook should be able to make anything taste delicious… dont blame the chicken if u cannot make it delicious. and we all know that, a bad cook will ruin even the most expensive organic, corn fed, free ranged fully pampered chicken.

added. 11.14am wednesday 17.1.18 i saw this article the problems of uk big vegan industry, and it talked about the supermarkets getting into it, but doing it in a clumsy manner. selling roasted cauliflower steak, put it in plastic and selling it for £1.80(its now £2) when they sell  raw beef steak 175g for £2. and a whole raw cauliflower can be had for 80p. it makes people think all this vegetarian stuff is just making money out of gullible people. i think the moment they sell cooked foods, the prices go up… all the more reason for people to buy raw and cook it themselves. though having said that, m&S was about to sell raw cauliflower steaks, until people ridiculed it and they call it off. seems to me if they want flavour they may have to copy those companies that make fake meat. fry’s and linda mccarthy. no link in that article to fry’s. i have not heard of them before. so i wonder whether they dont want to offend vegetarians by publicising fake meat companies. there are big businesses doing fake meat, because of the buddhist tradition of non meat eating, lots of thai companies have gone to making fake meat so real , that i am surprised that those companies have not come to the west and sell big here. maybe the veggy advocates look down on it, as not being true blue veggie. but i think if u want to persuade meat eaters to go veggie, fake meat is the big persuader. 

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