just muttering about nothing really

18 Jan

london 12.44pm 9.1C sunny thursday 2018

this is the 4th day we have bright sunshine and blue sky. and yet the papers say up north it is snow and weather warnings and we get pictures of cars buried in snow by the roadside. if snow is present it means they are getting minus C temperatures.

funny world really. i mean london is not that many miles away from them, yet they might as well be on another world weather wise. 

i woke at about 5am this morning… because i slept at about 10pm last night. whenever i go for the circuit training class, i find i get real sleepy early and have a very good sleep without effort. and it was 10C. i thought it was a false reading by the london weatherwebsite but it really is so. i went back to sleep after 2 hours or so, and woke up just now at about 11.30am and it had drop to about 8C. now there is so much sunshine out there, i am thinking i should really be going out and sit in it. 

added 12.55pm. well that idea got hit on the head. the clouds are in the way, so the sunshine comes and goes. so i decided to stay in instead. pity that because i do need vit D. will have to get it via food instead of sunshine.

but it sure makes me wish i was out there the times when it shines so bright. here is where having a balcony is a good thing. than u can rush out when the sun shines to grab it , and get back in if it goes behind a cloud and it gets cold. but i dont have a balcony, so that is that. haha.

but perhaps it is a good thing i dont have a balcony. here in uk, balconies are a waste of space really, as the weather is never so hot, and good for so long, to justify it. and it tends to get wet and mouldy a lot of the times, at least whenever i see a balcony in london and see its condition. it is more likely it be full of old rubbish that people find they dont want to throw away but at the same time have no room in their flat to store. 

i got two new books i borrowed from the library yesterday, salman rushie’s ,golden house. and neal stephenson the rise and fall of D.O.D.O . i have quite a number of books to read, and they are all things that i like, so i shall be having lots of enjoyment there. 

today is the start of the lumiere, it is a 4day central london wide light and movement installations, and can be real fun to look at. they last did something like this in 2016.

added. 2.05pm very surprised to see this article about the battersea power station being bought for £1.6billion by malaysian govt backed investors. Malaysian asset management group Permodalan Nasional Berhad, and the private-sector workers pension fund Employees Provident Fund of Malalysia (EPFM). but they are allready part owners of the whole project, so it looks like they have simply let the govt bear the cost of the renovation of the battersea power station. sounds a bit suspicious really using public backed institutions to finance private enterprises… the cost of the renovation of the battersea power station have doubled from £750million estimate to £1.5billion estimate. so u can see this sale is to pay for that. using malaysian private sector workers pension funds to fund it. very dangerous that. but also i think to take advantage of the low £ and have the finance in malaysian currency. in terms of the Ringgit, it is about the amount the £ have dropped since the brexit vote.

3 Responses to “just muttering about nothing really”

  1. MELewis Thursday January 18, 2018 at 1:51 pm #

    Balconies can be good places to keep the stinky cheese (at least here in France)! Sounds like you are stealing all our sunshine — it’s non-stop rain here. Where is winter hiding?

  2. alifesgayventure Thursday January 18, 2018 at 3:52 pm #

    oh, i say what a great idea, instead of the cellar, right? where it can get other unwanted germs added onto the desirable ones. haha. what about the neighbours though, wont they complain of the huge smell that wafts through their windows? you must have very tolerant neighbours. unless they too are doing the same and their smells cancel out yours. hoho.


  1. where have the sunshine gone over france? | alifesgayventure - Saturday January 20, 2018

    […] recently had a comment from francesays asking in a comment on my blogpost where is winter hiding. and it seems this confirms her impression. but as to why, nobody […]

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