where have the sunshine gone over france?

20 Jan

london 12.23pm 5.6C rain saturday 2018 virgin lounge

i have a chance to see the guardian since it took on tabloid form. they have a copy in the virgin lounge. and i read an article in there today  saying north west europe has got the darkest december since records began.

i recently had a comment from francesays asking in a comment on my blogpost where is winter hiding. and it seems this confirms her impression. but as to why, nobody knows…lille in france got 2hrs 42mins of sunshine in the first half of jan.usually 61.4hrs average for jan. so they lost 30hrs for the first half of jan. south france like bordeaux and marseille got 10.3hrs and 26.9hrs respectively for the first half of jan. compared to monthly averages of 96 and 92.5. average sunshine in london is 62hrs. 

but no mention of how much london got for the first half of jan. i think we may have got more than them. just these last 5 days i have woken to a bright sunshiny morning. today is raining though. but no one here think of london as sunny , so we hardly notice if there is no sunshine, but do notice if a morning is sunny. it comes as such a surprise. 

but but we should count ourselves lucky, moscow got only 6mins of sunshine in the whole of december. haha. i got a chance to compare the print size of the guardian with the times, which has been a tabloid for some time. they are about the same size really. both very small. but maybe it is just me. it is like a deaf person who complains that everyone is mumbling and speaking softly. haha. i am well aware i maybe turning into that person and everything is so small in print. hehe. ah well, we all go old really. the important thing is not to let it bother you. i dont mind if it is getting smaller. i can still read it with my glasses so that is ok. the hearing is the one that is more difficult to handle. people get a bit bored with you if u keep telling them to repeat themselves. so i dont, and i find i gradually dont talk very much either. now you know why old people dont talk very much. in their head they are most probably having a lively discussion with themselves but you will never hear of it. 

2 Responses to “where have the sunshine gone over france?”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday January 21, 2018 at 8:50 am #

    Can I seek your kind help. I was clearing my cupboards and found old £ notes. Singapore banks and money exchangers do not accept them. Do you know how I can go about exchanging these from Singapore to UK?

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday January 21, 2018 at 9:00 am #

    this must happen to a lot of people overseas. the usual way is to give it to anyone you know , and trust, who is visiting uk, so they can exchange it here at the bank of england. or let them buy it off you at least they dont have to pay a commission unlike if they buy £s at the bank or money exchange…. but let me ask my bank how overseas people can exchange their £ notes . incidentally, some of those old £1 notes may be worth more than their face value, if their number is a collectors item. and as far as i can tell, old £5 notes can be exchanged in any bank in london, no need to go to the bank of england as such; as it is quite recent they have been replaced. old £10 notes are still valid here, so money exchanges overseas have no excuse not to accept them. they become invalid in march 2018.

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