peter mayle a year in provence

22 Jan

london 6.05am 9.7C dark dry wet ground monday 2018

its warm and we are supposed to be in the depths of winter.

i see the daily mail is featuring extracts from the peter mayle book a year in provence, which was influential in so many buying homes in that region of france. he died recently and this is a tribute to him.

yet as i read today’s extract which talked of the mistral, very strong winds in winter, and deep snow and burst pipes makes me wonder why brits want to go and live there all year round. or why that book has persuaded them to do so.

if anything, just by reading today’s extract, it gives all the reasons not to live there. i have not read his books so maybe since this extract which takes the form of a yearly diary is only up to march, the next edition covering the summer months may well be so wonderful it is enough to compensate for the dismal winters.

added. 2.42pm 23.1.18 tuesday 13.6C sunny. cloudy.

here is the 2nd extract of his book. the summer months. seems to concentrate on the food and wine, and the visitors.

here are more extracts 

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